The Surprising Way Seasonal Storage Can Save You Money

The Surprising Way Seasonal Storage Can Save You Money

With seasonal storage practices, it's sometimes possible to save money by not picking the storage facility closest to your home. Here's how it works.

A Short Distance Can Go A Long Way

Recently, we talked about how Seasonal Storage is a good practice for saving money on storage. This is all good strategy to avoid racking up huge storage bills, but there’s another way to save money on storage that a lot of people don’t think about. This is made much easier by using seasonal storage practices. The secret is simple: don’t restrict yourself to places near you.

Storage Space Can Come at a High Cost

Depending on where you live, the storage costs for facilities near you can be very high. In large cities with high population density, the price for any amount of space comes at a premium. There’s just less space to go around, so what space there is becomes more expensive. Renting a storage space in a big city might cost a couple hundred dollars per month. But what are you going to do about it? I mean, you need storage and that’s all the options, right? Wrong.

You Don’t Go to Your Storage Shed Every Day

Ask yourself this: how often do you go to your storage shed? It’s certainly not every day. Is it even every week? I’m betting most people visit their storage unit less than once per month on average. Exceptions exist, of course, but for most, once you put something in storage, it’s either very temporary, or it stays there for a long time. After all, one of the biggest reasons people end up wasting money on their storage is they put things in storage and then just forget about them. It sits in the shed, racking up monthly fees until you forget what you even put in it. So, if that’s the case, why do you need the convenience of your storage unit being close?

Travel for Better Prices

A short drive might save you money

If you’re using a seasonal storage system we suggested, you’re probably visiting your storage shed maybe once a month, and then only so much just to check on your things if you’re concerned about them. If you aren’t visiting your storage unit every day, then a little drive time to get there isn’t as big an inconvenience. You can travel a bit out of your way to find good prices on your storage. Now this isn’t always viable, but depending on the difference in prices, going to the next city over might just find you a better deal. A half hour drive once a month (at most) could be the difference between paying $200-$300 a month and $80-$120 a month.

For example, our friends at Vernon Storage, located in Wanship, find they get a lot of customers coming all the way from Park City because the short drive every now and then allows them to take advantage of the huge difference in prices between their facilities and the smaller, more expensive ones in their hometown.

Smart Storage Practices Save Cash

Storage rental is always a practice that’s going to cost you money. It’s at best a zero sum game, but if you aren’t smart about how you use it, it instead becomes a very costly one. If you have to use storage, then you want to play smart. Sometimes, this means thinking a bit outside the box. Seasonal Storage practices are great for helping keep your storage shed from being out of sight, out of mind. Good organization helps minimize the storage space you need. You should be looking for unexpected circumstances to get ahead, too.

Not restricting yourself to nearby storage rental facilities is one of the ways you can do that. It won’t always work. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to live near the storage unit that has the best prices. Depending on what you’re using storage for, you may end up needing to go to your storage unit every day, making longer travel too costly in gas and time. If you’re an average storage renter, however, and you don’t go to your storage unit too regularly, you might find that a short bit of travel to find cheaper prices saves you money in the long run.

It’s highly circumstantial, so don’t take it as a given. If you are looking to rent storage, you should definitely consider it as an option. If your storage needs can line up with this model, you can cut down your costs on monthly fees by sometimes as much as 50-60%. So be sure to check all possible options. You may find a bit of extra travel now and then saves you a lot more than staying too close.