What To Do When You Have Too Much Clutter

What To Do When You Have Too Much Clutter

When you have too much clutter, it stresses you out. You need to declutter your home. How do you do it? Here are three basic ways to clean out the junk.

Options for Decluttering Your Living Space

Previously, I talked about spring cleaning and how clutter can have a detrimental effect on your mental health. Today, I want to expand a bit more and discuss in some detail what you can do about clutter in your home.

1. Self-Storage Companies

Self-Storage has been a growing industry since the 60s and experienced a surge during the Covid-19 pandemic. As America reached the height of its prosperity in the decades following WWII, we started owning more and more and we didn’t always have space for it. This triggered a rise in companies specifically focused on providing storage space. So, that’s an option.

even a storage shed can fill up

But it’s a bit of an expense, as it comes with monthly fees for use of the facilities. This can be off-putting to those who don’t want to add another monthly payment to their finances. Furthermore, even self-storage companies can run out of storage space. What do you do then? Well, you can either try and get on a waiting list, or you can look for alternatives.

2. Storage Sheds

storage shed

An alternative to a self-storage company might be to get your own shed. You can build your own from the ground-up, or you can purchase a prefabricated shed from companies like Cache Valley Sheds. This can cost a bit more money up front, but if you can afford the up-front costs it will save you more money in the long-run because you won’t be paying monthly fees. This also has the advantage of keeping your stored possessions close to home and easily accessible.

But if you don’t want to spend money to get extra storage, there’s always the third alternative.

3. Yard Sale

While we might want to keep the stuff we own, the truth is, we most likely don’t use most of it. Be honest, when was the last time you used that old bicycle hanging in your garage? Some of the clothes in your closet don’t even fit you any more, either. What else have you got in your basement or garage that you completely forgot you owned?

The simplest option for dealing with clutter is to simply get rid of it. While you might not need or use all of the stuff you own, there’s someone out there who will. Why keep a hold of something you don’t actually use when you could sell it to someone who will appreciate it? Even that traditional yard sale isn’t necessarily needed. Sites like Ebay and Amazon will let you sell used goods as well. Not only do you declutter, but you make some money as well.

Declutter Your Home

Speaking as someone who had to deal with a hoarder for a relative, I know the kind of mental fatigue clutter can do. It makes you feel trapped and helpless. You drown in your possessions just as much as you can drown in the ocean. It distracts you, trips you up, and is just unpleasant. You can do a lot for your mental health by decluttering your home. My personal preference would be the yard sale option, but however you get the clutter out of your home, it will bring a sense of control that lessens the stress of your daily life.

So don’t let your clutter suffocate you. Take it by the scruff of its neck and toss it out like the lazy freeloader it is!