Virtual Showings: 5 Reasons Why They Work

Virtual Showings: 5 Reasons Why They Work

Social distancing rules are making showing off a rental property more challenging than ever. Virtual tours offer a modern solution to these trying times.

Nowadays, showing off a rental property may be more challenging than usual. Social distancing rules are still in place in some areas to keep people safe, and they affect how often you can schedule in-person showings.

Virtual tours offer a modern solution to these trying times. They’re a property marketing tool used by real estate rental agencies looking to find the right tenant for their clients. Keep scrolling to learn more about this option. Here are five reasons why virtual tours work.

Reason #1: They’re Convenient

Organizing traditional showings and open houses can be a logistical challenge. You have to find a time that works for everyone so that you can see the space together. But people are busy! It can be hard to get everyone at the listing at a convenient time.

Virtual tours simplify this task. Clients don’t have to take time out of their day to travel to a property. They can log onto a stream in real-time to see the place while they’re elsewhere, or they can check-in at a more convenient time after you upload the video.

Reason #2: They’re Safe

Social distancing requires everyone to limit their time in public spaces, steer clear of large gatherings, and keep a six-foot distance between people you can’t avoid.

You can see how traditional showings and open houses break these rules depending on where you live. In a city like Toronto, the economy is gradually reopening, but people must wear masks indoors. Real estate marketing consultants such as Property Management Toronto take these regulations seriously when organizing viewings in-person.

But in other parts of the world, more stringent lockdown rules are in place. Virtual tours neatly sidestep these issues. It’s an easy way for everyone to stay safe.

Reason #3: They’re Far-Reaching

While a virtual tour led by a landlord property management expert reduces the number of people physically in a house, this strategy actually increases a property’s visibility. Anyone can see the space, including people with disabilities who normally face challenges when searching for a home.

Reason #4: They’re Helpful

When first-time buyers are just thinking about putting their foot on the property ladder, they may be overwhelmed by their options. They may not even know what they’re looking for in a property.

With virtual tours, hesitant or uncertain buyers can see more homes on a faster timeline. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), nearly half of buyers found virtual tours to be “very useful.” By offering virtual tours of your own, you’ll be able to cut down on some of the work of scheduling showings.

Reason #5: They’re Successful

Simply put, virtual tours work. Nowadays, as more legislation affects the way real estate rental agencies operate, it may be the only way you can show a property for the foreseeable future. When done correctly, they show your property well and efficiently.

Making sure your property looks it best online ensures you attract the best tenants. Learn how to take advantage of this property marketing tool, and you’ll be in a better position to ride out the ebb and flow of the market.