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The demand for Abacus Online Classes surged during the pandemic. This happened majorly as attending classes in -person was not feasible then. But the challenge was to create an Abacus teaching and learning platform that could be user-friendly both for a Teacher and the student.

Where the teaching could be flawless and the learning and understanding for the students should be easy.

People are very difficult to convince that abacus teaching & learning at Abacus online classes could be equally effective as any conventional Abacus classroom.

Moreover, if such a program is created then learning from these Abacus online classes should match that from an offline in-person class.

There were not many options available that could meet all the requirements to guarantee an effective Online Abacus Learning Platform. in fact there were none.

The technology and its amalgamation with the Abacus gave confidence to both promoters and parents that Online Abacus Teaching and learning is a reality. It will not be the privilege of the Urban population only. It can be now accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Revolutionary Online Abacus Learning Platform

Mastermind created the Online abacus Learning Platform that assures an equally effective teaching and learning platform.

The Mastermind Online Abacus offers to its user:

To Students:

1. The Lessons –The learning lessons are easy-to-understand visuals where the correct finger movements on the Abacus Instrument ensure effective learning by the students.

2. Practice - The practice section is in the form of innovative, interesting Math Video Games to be solved by the students on Abacus or Mentally and input the answers and score points for correct answers. The students enjoy playing and the learning becomes fun.

3. Video Conferencing Screen –The Video Conferencing Screen allows them to stay connected with their teacher.

4. Assignments - They have access to Classwork, homework, practice questions, scoreboard, Question PDF, Mark sheet, Certificates etc.

5. Access Virtual Abacus – A Virtual Abacus helps the students to find solutions to a sum whenever needed.

To Teachers:

1. Teachers Panel – An exclusive Teacher’s Panel for enabling teachers to set up a virtual Abacus Online class for the students that they can access from their homes.

Advantages of Mastermind Online Abacus Platform

1. Students can learn Abacus online with only an Abacus Instrument and broadband internet connection. With no geographical limitations.

2. The system being dependent on preloaded videos ensures the training quality is the same for all.

Mastermind Abacus is the most advanced and the world's first live online Abacus learning and teaching Platform.

You could learn from your home and one interested could start a center with no investment in infrastructure and with the least overhead expenses.

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