Things To know Before Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Things To know Before Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Find how to create a crypto exchange platform successfully? Check out this guide to find answers related to cryptocurrency exchange development services!!

Today, millions of people mine and trade cryptocurrencies for profit and pleasure. Despite experts' forecasts that cryptocurrencies will fail, consumers and financial institutions continue to embrace virtual currencies. Despite threats from the EU to ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the status of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has not seemed to alter much.

Cryptocurrency is booming in 2022, giving businesses and trading operations a chance to establish themselves in this new industry.

Because banks and investment organizations are currently unable to sell cryptocurrency, high-quality crypto exchanges such as Kraken, Gemini, and Binance are in demand. By cryptocurrency exchange platform development, you help facilitate trading and earn money by charging fees for your platform’s services.

As the competition in this business may be tough, having a one-of-a-kind bitcoin website or app is critical. And, in order to compete with other providers, your offering must be exceptional and dependable. A good start requires real-time data, a user-friendly design, and a high level of security via biometric authentication.

Let’s find out how crypto-exchange platforms work.

A cryptocurrency exchange platform is a marketplace where consumers may buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin. Platforms are not cryptocurrency exchanges; instead, they assist the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, as well as the conversion of digital coins to fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, and so on).

Not all cryptocurrency exchanges are created equal. Some exchanges just allow customers to trade, while others give open and transparent trading data within the exchange via their order book. The latter provides more advanced features, such as the ability to define a specified pricing for orders. Decide how much data you're ready to share before launching a cryptocurrency exchange site. Then decide on the level of scalability your platform requires.

Types of Crypto Exchanges:

The next step in developing a crypto exchange is to decide what kind of exchange you'll offer. This will help you identify the platform's essential characteristics and give you a better picture of the ultimate product. Crypto exchanges are divided into three categories:

Centralized –

A centralized operator is in charge of security, functionality, and updates. A centralized exchange often handles order books that record all transactions and store currencies; one disadvantage of centralized exchanges is that cash can be quickly lost in the event of a hack. If you do decide to establish a crypto exchange MVP, security is paramount; rigorous security audits, like those provided by our Security Ninja service, should be used as soon as possible.

Decentralized –

Transfers money directly between users' wallets. There is a decreased danger of cyberattacks because the site does not hold cryptocurrencies. In decentralized exchanges, however, the lack of a regulating third party throws full responsibility for errors to the users.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) –

Users can trade crypto directly or exchange coins for fiat currency on peer-to-peer exchanges. Traders can post their offers on a bulletin board, and other players can respond and negotiate terms. If you're building a peer-to-peer crypto exchange, security should be your top priority; the world still remembers how Binance lost $40 million in a phishing attempt in 2019.

Aside from these, hybrid platforms like Mt. Gox, BitFloor, and Poloniex exist. These exchanges combine centralized platforms' usability and liquidity with the anonymity and security of decentralized exchanges.

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Key features of a Crypto Exchange Platform:

When building a crypto exchange platform, it's important to think about what it's going to be used for. While the amount and type of features vary depending on the type of exchange you establish, all bitcoin exchanges have a few key features in common.

Things To know Before Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Crypto Exchange Development

Let's take a closer look at the typical user flow and the features required as an example:


  • Becomes a member of the crypto exchange system and selects their preferred cryptocurrency.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) criteria are used to verify the account.
  • Fill the account with money.
  • Enter the value and volume of a coin that will be traded.
  • If there is already a counter-offer on the site, it closes the deal.
  • Withdraws funds to a credit card or a cryptocurrency wallet in the app.

It's apparent from the user flow that a bitcoin exchange platform's features should include:

Authorisation and Verification:

The first stage in onboarding is user authorization, so make it as simple as possible. Users, on the other hand, expect other traders to be trustworthy and have good intentions, therefore verification is critical at this stage. Proper verification improves transactional transparency, lowers the risk of fraud, and demonstrates that your bitcoin exchange follows international standards.

User Interface:

Make sure the design is straightforward, clear, and user-friendly because it is the face of your exchange platform. An easy-to-use interface guarantees that transactions are completed quickly, cutting down on trading time. Order management, order history, fund withdrawals and deposits, statistics, and other elements should all be accessible from the dashboard.

Trade Engine:

The trade engine, which is at the heart of your platform, locates and connects merchants. Furthermore, the quality of the trade engine has a significant impact on the crypto exchange's speed and performance. The better service you provide to customers, the faster it is. Remember that in order to effectively manage their investments, users require real-time access to their trade data.

As a result, focus on improving your trading engine. Integration of blockchain technology may be a solution in this case; it not only ensures complete security and transparency, but it also allows you to speed up your trading engine. Just make sure you hire an experienced SaaS and blockchain development team for this assignment, like Suffescom.


Allow your users to save and transfer digital money with e-wallets. It's a good idea to provide two types of wallets (cold and hot). Hot wallets allow users to deposit and withdraw money from their account. Because they are not connected to the internet, they act as a backup and are thus safe against fraud.

Analytical tools:

If you want to create a sophisticated bitcoin app or website, this is a must-have. Provide users with real-time market data and extra market information. Traders can use a variety of indicators to help them construct their gaming strategy, including: Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands (BB), and other indicators can help you make better trading decisions.

Push Notifications:

The most effective strategy to keep users informed about price fluctuations, volatility, trends, news, and platform improvements. Users can also use notifications to keep track of exchange listings. Always keep in mind that consumers should be able to select which alerts they receive. Setting up push alerts is simple, quick, and inexpensive. Push notifications are less expensive than other automated marketing methods, such as chatbots.

Wrapping Up

Mining, farming, and trading cryptocurrencies are currently more popular than ever. Every day, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies climbs, resulting in massive profits for investors. The shifting face of the world's financial systems can also benefit you. If done correctly, starting a bitcoin exchange is a smart business move. Hire experts like Suffescom Solutions to create a secure crypto exchange development services platform, and it might be your golden goose for decades.