Effect of Guru Mangal Yoga In Natal Chart!

Effect of Guru Mangal Yoga In Natal Chart!

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Life is all about experiences and none of us can expect life to be always good or always bad. The tough time makes us strong; however the good time balances us to deal with every situation positively. But why do we have to face ups and downs in life? The answer might be there with astrology.

Yes, there are certain Yogas in our natal chart that influence the occurrence and happenings of our life. In different Yogas in horoscope, Guru Mangal Yoga is one of the most effective Yogas that affects us in a particular way and here you will learn all about this yoga in Natal Chart.

Guru Mangal Yoga In Natal Chart –

When we emphasise on Guru Mangal Yoga, the first impression comes to our mind is correlation between 2 Grahas – Guru and Mangal (Jupiter with Mercury). There are numerous stories of hard work and success revolving around famous personalities which are impacted by Guru Mangal Yoga and are a source of inspiration for many.

The powerful effects of Guru and Mangal make the native realise their calibre and strength to achieve what they dream for. But how to recognise if your Natal Chart or Birth chart has Guru Mangal Yoga? Find the answer of this question here –

Understanding the formation of Guru Mangal Yoga in Birth Chart –

As per astrology, the Yoga of Guru and Mangal develops when Jupiter (Guru) gets placed in the centre or Kendra of 7th house and Mars (Mangal) is the ruling planet of 1st house in Kundali. The amount of effect depends upon the positioning degrees of these planets against one another. And the effect can be seen in the form of intensity in knowledge of Jupiter’s effect and aggression, bravery, risk taking and great stamina with Mars’ effect.

The potential of this Guru Mangal Yoga depends upon the effects of other malefic planets which somehow influence both of these planets. The conjunction of Guru Mangal might occur in the same Kundali house too. In such cases, whichever house they both occupy becomes the most effective and strongest house in Kundali. With this Yoga, the clear effect can be seen on the features of the house they placed into. Taking the instance of the second house which is known as the house of money or wealth. With Guru Mangal Yoga in this house, the native becomes super-rich with no scarcity of anything in life.

Listing down the significance and benefits of Guru Mangal Yoga –

Regarded as the most auspicious Kundali yoga for a person, it brings the native victory and prosperity in life. The presence of this Yoga in Kundali means the native would be highly vigorous and intellectual. It defines the personality traits and character of the person. As Mars is known as the rule of human aggression, it blesses the native with valour, bravery, stamina and power to dominate every life situation. Just as Mars, Jupiter is also a very powerful planet which bestows spirituality, academic success and intellect.

This way, the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Kundli brings a true synergistic impact and makes the person successful. In astrology, this combination accompanies great benefits to a person’s life. The strength received by Mars and intellectual gain from Jupiter brings positivity in native’s life. In addition, both of these planets are friendly to one another and hence, results are often great for native.

So, when in a Kundali, Jupiter finds place in the centre houses namely 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th from ascendant, the native gains only good results. Except Cancer, Mangal remains friendly with all other signs. On the other side, Jupiter with Jupiter remains exalted and hence does not give good results to native. Thus it is quite required to know for us how Guru Mangal Yoga gives good results and what are the different effects you can expect from different houses.

Effect of Guru Mangal Yoga –

If Guru Mangal Yoga occurs in the 1st house of the Natal Chart, it blesses the native with a long and healthy life. Wealth with great reputation can be expected with this combination. Especially, in exams or academics, this combination brings auspicious results to the native.

When this Yoga develops in the 4th house of Kundali, it makes the native free of all sorts of stress. There will be mental peace to the person. Good health of the mother can be expected with its effect. Also, it gives the native with happiness of having property and conveyance.

In 7th house, if this Yoga develops, it caters the native with happy marital bliss. Although it is regarded that Mars does not give pleasant effects in married life; however, the influence of Jupiter eradicates all negative outcomes of Mars and makes the couple happy after marriage.

If Guru Mangal Yoga occurs in the 9th house of Kundali, it gives good travelling benefits to the native and in 10th house, the native can expect great results in terms of career.

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In a nutshell –

The Guru Mangal Yoga is all about auspicious results. However, there are few houses like the 12th house in Kundali where this Yoga does not give good results. Overall, the effects of this yoga are good as it makes the native principled, moralistic and righteous. Zeal and determination to accomplish tasks is quite common to be seen out of this effect in natives.

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