Dosha Astrology - What is Kundli Dosha and How They Affect Our Life

Dosha Astrology - What is Kundli Dosha and How They Affect Our Life

In layman’s language, it is a Kundli Dosha (defect) in your birth chart that is responsible for every failure in your life.

Whenever someone fails in life, it is quite natural to look for the reason behind that failure, be it in relationships, career, education or in general. While there may be a personal reason behind each failure or may be it happens because it is destined. The setbacks in life are often a result of what is happening up there among the stars and what better way to understand this than Vedic Astrology. In layman’s language, it is a Kundli Dosha (defect) in your birth-chart that is responsible for every failure in your life. Some of these Doshas are known but some are relatively unknown. However, known or not, all these kundli Dosha like Pitra dosha, Kal sarpa dosha, mangalik dosha, nadi dosha and guru chandal dosha have relevant impact on your present life.

Meaning of Kundli Dosha

As per Vedic Astrology, a Dosha is a combination of malefic planets that prohibit positive things from happening in your life. Just like a blemish on a clean glass surface, these Doshas have a negative impact on the individual’s life decisions. Therefore, it is very essential to identify the Doshas as per your kundli or birth chart and then apply proper corrective measures to deactivate these Doshas so that these can no longer harm you.

Astrology speaks of countless Doshas, which are dreaded by learned men the world over. Out of these Doshas, your kundli could feature one or more, which might be an impediment in your good fortune. The point to be mentioned here is that these Doshas are formed in your kundli because of your past misadventures. However, knowing about these beforehand can help you prevent or overcome the associated failure to a large extent.

How is Dosha Formed

A Dosha is formed when a negatively placed arrangement of planetary bodies is formed in your horoscope. Sun, Saturn, Mars and Rahu are major propagators of Doshas that spell harmful consequences for people. The job of finding the presence of Doshas in a horoscope or birth-chart is easy for astrologers with an in-depth knowledge of this field. Even some doshas can also create problem in your marriage.

Types of Doshas

There are a number of harmful kundli Doshas that could be present in your horoscope and making you suffer in life. Here are those Doshas and their remedies -

1. Manglik Dosha — When Mars is present in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 12th house in your horoscope, a person has Manglik Dosha. Besides marrying after the age of 28, individuals can also read Hanuman Chalisa, fast on Tuesdays, or get married to another Manglik.

2. Kaal Sarpa Dosha — When all seven planets get placed between Rahu and Ketu in your birth horoscope, it leads to the presence of one of the most harmful Doshas in Vedic Astrology. The fact that this single Dosha has 12 different variants in the kundli is enough to reflect the vast amount of discomfort it can cause to you.

3. Pitra Dosha — In case one of your ancestors has committed a sin or behaved unjustly, this Dosha might appear in your horoscope. It is represented by the presence of Sun or Moon, Rahu, and Saturn are present in the same house. An individual with this dosh often struggles to achieve success in every sphere of life.

4. Kartik Janam Dosha — Individuals born during the Kartik month (mid-October to mid-November) are bound to have this Dosha in their birth-chart. The effects of this Dosha are not limited to the individual whose birth-chart is depicted, but also on his or her immediate family.

Remedial Process of Doshas

In Vedic Astrology, as per Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, one of the ace astrologers of India, there is a solution for every astrological problem. Every Dosha has a unique remedial process, which depends upon its nature as well as the individual. Whether it is through fasting, visiting temples or performing special rituals, remedial measures can lessen the impact of a specific Dosha on your life.

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