Top 8 Things to Consider While Android Application Development

Top 8 Things to Consider While Android Application Development

Most people have recommended some of the best tips to flawless Android App development.

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If we look at statistics, approximately 70 percent of people use Android devices in their day-to-day lives, and they access a variety of applications for various things like entertainment. Hence if someone wants to build an application, then Android is one of the best tools to use because it offers a variety of features and is easy to use. But there are some essential things to consider while Android Application Development.

Top 8 Things to Consider While Android Application Development

Since it is one of the most popular used tools, most people have recommended some of the best tips to flawless Android App development are following.


If you have some great idea to build an application, half of the work is done. But you need to do complete research and understand the market. Some of the steps to identify the market are knowing your customers finding the right set of people who would be interested in using your product. Based on the market research, you can get a basic understanding of the demands and competitors.

Have an easy-to-use user experience

Building an android application requires you to have a better user experience that can make it easy for users to use your application. It is one of the crucial aspects that you should try to include in your application. An easy-to-use interface would always attract more users, but if complicated, it would confuse your existing user, which might lead them to uninstall your app.

Make the development process with a proper set of actions

If you want to build an android application, divide all the tasks. You can assign work to developers and make an application quickly based on this. With a set of complete actions, you can also ensure that you are giving equal time to all the tasks such as project management, App design, app architecture, App testing, and much more.

It is quite essential to market your application

Even if your Android Application is quite great and unique, you won’t be getting enough downloads. There are thousands and millions of websites available on play store, and ranking your website between those is quite a difficult task. Hence it is always recommended that you hire an Android app development services that can offer you complete end-to-end marketing of your application.

Develop your application using the best architecture design

Apart from the market, the ranking of your application also depends on the architecture you use for building applications. Most people prefer to use MVP or MVVM architecture. Also, you can separate different sections to make the user interface relatively easy to understand.

You should always ensure that the data interactions, business logic, and app view are entirely different components. So even if you hire an android app developer to make further improvements or add new features, they can easily do that.


Most people miss such points before they launch their application. No matter how many features you have included in your application. If your application is not responding fast, then it is of no use. Most people would end up uninstalling your app due to bulkiness. Hence always try to optimize your application as per the needs of your users. Adding unnecessary features would reduce its speed and make it bulky.

Do complete quality assurance before you launch

If you hire an android app developer, they would always suggest you do complete quality assurance. This includes bug fixes and testing all the end-to-end functionalities. Also, this is one of the most common things that most developers don’t do and directly launch their websites. Initially, people would give it a try, but later on, they might uninstall it later if they start discovering the bugs. Therefore, it is essential to make your application bug free and resolve all the errors before the final release.

Choose a name as per the SEO and theme of your website

As per the different surveys, the first and foremost thing that people look for is the App name. Hence it is always an excellent choice to buy a domain or name if you want to release your app. There is a special package that google offers that helps the algorithm identify similar apps to yours on play store, which affects the ranking of your website.

If you want to make your application reach different people, then you use a simple and catchy phrase as the name of your application. This name will help people connect with the services you would like to offer. Also, a unique name always prevents any risk of getting your application duplicated. This is one of the best tips for flawless Android app development because this helps in the reachability and ranking of your application.


These are a few tips for flawless Android App development and are some of the crucial things that every mobile application developer or company should consider. If you are looking to find the best Android app development services, you can select them based on these factors if they also follow them.