Shockwave Therapy As The Most Effective Way Of PeyronEnter content title here...

Shockwave Therapy As The Most Effective Way Of PeyronEnter content title here...

For 5 to 10% of men that suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, sexual underperformance is a reality that is hard to face.

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A lack of blood vessels and formation of scar tissue in the shaft of the penis makes it difficult and painful to get an erection, much like with erectile dysfunction. However, Peyronie’s Disease also causes irregular bending or shaping of the penis that may even make it impossible to have sex. Fortunately, new treatments are available to help treat this problem and restore men to peak sexual performance.

Why Traditional Peyronie’s Treatments are Often Ineffective

Although Peyronie’s Disease has similar symptoms to erectile dysfunction, the treatment options are different as it is a very different problem. Why then, have doctors attempted to treat it using the same ED medications for years? Although they may show some improvement, men with Peyronie’s treated with traditional oral medications often do not make enough improvement to restore normal function. Fortunately, new shockwave therapy is a treatment for Peyronie’s Disease that is helping men all over regain their full sexual function and happiness.

How Does the HEALTHWave Treatment for Peyronie’s Work?

Rather than using medication, HEALTHWave’s treatment involves the use of high-frequency acoustic waves to stimulate the penile tissue. By repeating this stimulation over the course of multiple treatment sessions, new blood vessels are encouraged to form, and the existing ones dilate and carry more blood. HEALTHWave provides results in the form of an overall stronger and more massive erection. For patients with Peyronie’s Disease, the shockwave therapy also helps to break apart the scar tissue and restore the regular shape and curvature of the penis. Finally, dormant stem cells respond to the HEALTHWave treatment by activating and helping regenerate aging tissue in the penis.

Why Shockwave Treatment is the Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Since the scar tissue is broken up and blood circulation in the penis is regenerated, the man can produce and maintain a healthy erection. Compared to other treatments and pills (i.e., Viagra®) HEALTHWave therapy has been proven to be long-lasting. Patients that undergo the shockwave therapy typically do not need any additional treatment afterward - helping the man live a healthy, sexually satisfying life. Thanks to the pain-free, high-frequency, low-intensity and highly efficient shockwave treatment, men with Peyronie’s Disease can be treated and regain full control of their sex lives.