Are you struggling from Plantar Fasciitis pain?

Are you struggling from Plantar Fasciitis pain?

Are you looking for strategies to bring you pain relief so you can get back to your daily activities of living?

Better Together as ONE is excited to present this FREE webinar series in collaboration with Mobility Tape. This educational series is designed to provide yet another option to consider when looking to manage pain and inflammation naturally!

Mobility Tape is a kinesiology tape approved by Health Canada and in a classification of its own. It provides topical pain relief as well as support to help improve mobility, reduce inflammation as well as the excessive need to take pharmaceuticals.

Ouch My Aching Feet!

A solution to relieving plantar fasciitis and foot pain.

Margaret Wallis- Duffy One Life Learning Community

This 3-part Series kicks off this Thursday October 21st at 7pm


  • Understand Plantar Fasciitis - it causes and how to prevent it
  • Learn what kinesiology tape is and how Mobility Tape is unique
  • Learn the benefits of mobility tape
  • Understand how to apply the tape to help reduce pain

Join us on Thursday, October 21st at 7 pm for an educational, interactive, and demonstrative webinar featuring special guest, James Gardiner, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, with a Masters in Kinesiology and Health Science.

James has held positions in professional baseball, multiple universities in Canada and works as a consultant with high performance athletes in all major sports. He is the founder of FIRSTAR Therapy.

Jay Noronha, the founder of Mobility Tape will also be joining us. Jay founded Mobility Tape through his own experience of dealing with pain and inflammation with pharmaceuticals and the ensuing consequences.

With a singular focus of bringing topical-long lasting pain and inflammation relief to the market that anyone could use easily and effectively, Mobility Tape was born.

Get ready to stock your health toolbox with kinesiology tape that can act as a treatment option and provide pain relief!


Although this series is FREE, you must register so we can be sure to send the recording if you can’t attend live although I would encourage you to do so as you can ask questions.

Mobility Tape

Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, Nov 11th @ 7 pmMobility Tape for Her- This webinar will focus on using the tape to help with menstrual cramps, back pain and many other female-related health issues. We are honoured to have Kim Vopni aka The Vagina Coach as our special guest.

Margaret Wallis- Duffy One Life Learning Community

Thursday, Dec 3rd @ 7 pm – The focus of the education in this webinar is all about back, shoulder and neck pain. Now more than ever people are struggling as they work from home in less than perfect environments which are wreaking havoc on their muscles.

Margaret Wallis- Duffy One Life Learning Community

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