10 Apps Portals Extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM In Business

10 Apps Portals Extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM In Business

Top 10 Apps Portals For Microsoft Dynamics 365

The demand for CRM Integration Developers India is rising drastically. It helps a business establish and manage customer relations in a way that was never experienced before.

CRM Consulting Services is referring to modern tools such as Microsoft Dynamics to upscale their business services. If you are also looking for adopting modern CRM tools in your business functioning, then this article is a must-read for you.

The article mentions some of the trending apps that in sync with Microsoft Dynamic 365 have the potential to revolutionize the way you use to manage your business, customers, and employees.

Top 10 Apps Portals For Microsoft Dynamics 365

Scroll down to get familiar with the top 10 app portals that are compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

1. Catapult Systems:

Catapult aims to take on a variety of functions in a single system. You can assess sales, customer service, field services, and much more in an efficient manner. Moreover, the one-week assignment systems help you to take into account the remediation plan that caters to resolve any existing issue with the Dynamics system.

2. KPMG Community Care:

KPMG Community care aims to extend its services to the healthcare professionals dedicated to serving in a wide range of domains such as disability, aged care, and many more. It is an effective solution that not only helps in attracting more clients but also helps in personalizing working for an increased satisfaction rate.

3. BatchFlow4:

The trial version of it is available in Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It is an effective app that can cut short to 50% of the total time consumed in invoicing. Moreover, it aims to provide accurate results when compared to the work done manually. BatchFlow4, when combined with other tools such as MDC Nordic and Business Central, increases the efficiency and productivity of the organization to a great extent.

4. Dynamicweb Plug-In Unit:

Dynamicweb Plug-In Unit is an all in one platform that helps the user to connect the complete mechanism of an organization digitally. All it takes is the user to install the plugin on the Business Central to unleash the potential of the Dynamicweb’s All-In-One Platform. The great extent of compatibility of the Dynamicweb with a wide range of business systems is what makes it a robust tool.

5. iDynamics Working Hours:

iDynamics Woking Hours is an effective platform when it comes to keeping track of the working hours of the employees or preparing monthly summaries. Moreover, the tool helps the employees to keep an eye on their overtime, mark absence, and also post exceptions. Not only it helps the organization in better management of labor calendars but also supports in detailing holidays in the existing schedule, but effectively manages daily activity reports.

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6. Import from Acomba:

It is a data migration tool. It allows you to migrate your data in a quick and efficient manner. Moreover, not only does it support the Essential edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 but also the Premium edition. You can easily map a variety of data, including the account’s chart, customers, vendors, product, and inventory. It features a trial version that allows you to create master records instantly.

7. Marketing Materials for Naviceram (US):

Marketing Materials for Naviceram is an effective tool to keep track of the marketing, promotion, and distribution. Not only does it help to check the distribution of samples and tile displays, but it also manages its installation. Moreover, you can segment the distributors that follow your marketing strategy and provide them with an additional discount.

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8. Norwegian Business Register:

It is one incredible implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The app lets you integrate your business register for creating new contacts, customers, and vendors. Moreover, the app lets the user search for any company, institute, or organization via their name or registration number.

9. eShopConnect for Magento:

eShopConnect is one powerful implementation that forms a seamless connection between your eCommerce platform and Dynamic 365 Business Central. It helps the user to create, store, and manage data and information over a variety of platforms in Business Central.

10. Folio3 Magento Integration Connector:

Folio3 Magento Integration Connector is one of the most effective platforms to enhance the capabilities of your eCommerce business. It provides complete control over the customer details, inventory, orders, vendors, and much more. Moreover, it establishes a stable link between the Magento store and the Dynamic 365 ERP system for a more scalable approach.

Final words

After reading this article, you must have understood why CRM Consulting Services refer to Microsoft Dynamics as an all-in-one CRM management tool.

If you are looking to amp up your CRM mechanism, then CRM Integration Developers India can help you to make the services smooth and efficient with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365.