How to Decorate your Temple Aesthetically

How to Decorate your Temple Aesthetically

We have discussed the importance of prayer units inside our homes and how keeping the temple as per Vastu can bring good luck for the entire family.

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We have discussed the importance of prayer units inside our homes and how keeping the temple as per Vastu can bring good luck for the entire family. Now in this blog, we are discussing the ways regarding how we can decorate the temples. The pooja room layout and Vastu Shastra play an important role in bringing good luck. Along with it, a pooja accessories online and well-organized temple room also helps create an inviting and serene apace.

Due to the limited space available in small urban apartments, the size of home temples has been reduced to a small shelf or a cabinet, or a corner. Whatever your home temple's size is, you can still make it look elegant and beautiful by considering the beneath mentioned ideas and suggestions aimed at enhancing the overall beauty of the place.

• Paint the walls

The colors chosen for decorating the Pooja room should showcase a sense of serenity and give a subtle statement. Though we don’t get much space inside our homes for the temples, we can still be creative with the limited space. Painting the walls of the temple room in the light shades of yellow or orange will help keep the space open and peaceful while doing medication. Also, it will add a dash of sunny color. You can go for some textured walls with glass panels around and install a chandelier to the ceiling.

• Select the unique pooja door design.

The entrance door of the pooja room must be distinguishable from the other doors in the house, and it should look unique compared to other rooms. You can use some traditional ways like wooden doors with carvings, bells, or temple decoration items resembling diya are a great option that will never go out of style. If you want to give a modern look to your temple room, you can use transparent glass doors with motifs as the modern alternatives and can create decorative and welcoming ambiance.

• Use lighting

The Brass Diya installed inside the Pooja room play an important role in creating an appropriate serious yet positive setting. You can decorate the altar with colorful string lights or small battery-operated tea lights which are quite trendy these days. Else you can use pendant lights as well to brighten the dome of the temple. A chandelier for overall ambient lighting is yet another beautiful way to light up the entire space without making the space look too bright as well.

• Decorate the floor

It is quite common practice to decorate the floor before the altar with freshly made rangolis; which though look beautiful but sometimes it is a time-consuming task as well. Along with using freshly made rangolis with decorative brass urli, you can look for a permanent solution by simply painting the rangoli design on the floor in a contrasting color. You can also place a small rug, a decorative cushion, and some fresh flowers to adorn the room and give it a fresh feeling.