Lower Back Pain Relief with Physiotherapy

Lower Back Pain Relief with Physiotherapy

Lower back pain is one of the leading causes of physical disability, especially at the workplace and now with so many working from home.

Research indicates that almost 80% of the population is likely to suffer from lower back pain in their lifetime. Physiotherapy is one of the most widely used forms of treatment for relief from lower back pain.

Mainway Physiotherapy implements an evidence-based treatment approach utilizing both manual and active techniques to improve overall physical function and prevent future injury and pain. Physiotherapy aims to help individuals return to their previous work and/or recreational activities.

The team at Mainway Physiotherapy are able to treat back pain, injuries, and other chronic pain conditions. Our goal is to help you be able to return to an active pain-free lifestyle.

Mainway Physiotherapy and back pain at work

When Should I See a Physiotherapist?

  • If your physical movement is impaired and affecting your daily lifestyle come see our knowledgeable staff.
  • If you have discomfort in your athletic life that is a sign you need to visit us to put together a plan for you to heal.

Allan Hewick, Registered Physiotherapist

Allan’s interest in exercise physiology was sparked while training for competitive white water kayak slalom as a teenager. He then pursued this passion academically with a degree in Physical Education at McMaster University. This was fine-tuned further when he remained for another degree in Physiotherapy, focusing on treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions and sports injuries.

As we all know the body is connected. Unfortunately, a foot injury can lead to back pain if we are not careful during the healing process. Forces go from the ground up the ankle bone to the knee bone, and to the pelvic area and tail bone. That can cause altered stress and compensating movement in your low back which can hurt. Flat feet can also alter the alignment of the legs and that can cause lower back pain.

How a foot injury can cause back pain

Foot Injury and Back Pain

Andrew Hoermann, Registered Physiotherapist

Andrew is the owner of Mainway Physiotherapy since 2015. He graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy in 2001. He has worked as a Registered Physiotherapist in the Halton and Peel regions, treating clients of various ages with various conditions and injuries.

With so many people working from home many people may be suffering from back and neck pain. Andrew provides a quick exercise in the following video called the Standing doorway stretch, to alleviate the back stress from poor posture in an office or working at home.

Alleviate back pain working from home

Alleviate back pain working from home

In the next video Andrew demonstrates an easy stretch for the back of your legs and hamstrings to help reduce back pain.

Help reduce back pain

Andrew wrote an article on how to speed up back injury recovery where there are three more exercise videos that can help strengthen and prevent back injury.

How to Speed up Back Injury Recovery

Whether you've had chronic back pain all your life, had a recent trauma, or had a sports injury, Mainway Physiotherapy can aid you in understanding your pain and how it affects your body and your performance.

We can help reduce your pain, improve mobility, and return you to enjoying the daily activities you've always loved.

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