Eating disorders support

Eating disorders support

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Links to help you find information and support

ANAD - National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

National Eating Disorders Association - education, resources, and support

Overeaters Anonymous - 12-step recovery program from compulsive overeating using  drow names

Pale Reflections - an online support community for those with eating disorders

Radiant Recovery - Program to help heal sugar addictions

Something Fishy - raising awareness and supporting those with eating disorders and their families

*Yes, the term “skinny” is also used without the intention of implying anything negative (i.e., really meaning svelte, sexy, and fit). I can understand this. This post was in response to those who are intent at getting skinny (i.e., really low body weight) at all costs. If the motivation to lose weight is simply to get really skinny, there may be deeper issues at stake, and the individual needs careful attention by a professional counselor so that recovery can take place.

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