Adapt. Invent. Thrive. Online Marketing Summit | Press Release

Adapt. Invent. Thrive. Online Marketing Summit | Press Release

Adapt. Invent. Thrive. Online Marketing Summit encourages entrepreneurs to drive their businesses forward in these changing times.


Erica Ehm
Tony Chapman
Natasha Koifman

May 7, 2020 (Toronto, ON ) – Adapt. Invent. Thrive. is a free online marketing summit dedicated to motivating entrepreneurs and business leaders to take action and stay positive during these unusual times. This summit is a combination of live panel discussions and a series of pre-taped videoslaunching on May 27, 2020.

The event will feature a stellar line-up of speakers including Erica Ehm, Tony Chapman, and Natasha Koifman, to name a few, who will share their experience, insight and tips to help you and your business to Adapt, Invent and Thrive.

“Kudos to the team for quickly assembling this virtual conference with a laser-focus on adapting your business in a Post-Covid economy. Now more than ever we need to be able to reinvent, adapt and persevere. I’ll be sharing strategies on how to lead courageously in times of uncertainty,” explains Erica Ehm.

“Small business owners are the heart of the Canadian economy and it is in our collective interests to keep them beating strong. Attention is the one word that matters most when staging your Post-Covid comeback. I am going to share my thoughts on how to get the attention you deserve,” says Tony Chapman, host of the podcast Chatter that Matters.

In addition to the summit’s primary goal of inspiring attendees, Adapt. Invent. Thrive. is also awarding in-kind, financial grants and support. We are committed to giving back and celebrating to our business community.

“I have so many friends and colleagues who are impacted so greatly by the pandemic; many own bricks and mortar shops or rely on face-to-face interaction in their service-based businesses. I couldn’t sit still and was propelled to take action. I immediately assembled a stellar team of marketers each with their own unique talents to help me stage Adapt. Invent. Thrive. I am so appreciative of their collaboration. I am equally thrilled by the amazing speakers and sponsors who have come on board thus far. I know we can provide so much good and support!” explains Michelle Daides, Co-Founder of Adapt. Invent. Thrive.


  • Erica Ehm is considered a pioneer; a trailblazing leader who inspires and innovates. She is founder of niche publishing brand, and CEO of digital agency Ehm & Co, both serving the mom market.
  • Tony Chapman is the host of the podcast Chatter that Matters, and one of the youngest individuals to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends. Tony speaks his mind at conferences around the world, and on TV, Radio, and social media.
  • Natasha Koifman is the founder of NKPR, a full-service public relations, artist management and digital agency with a global reach. She is also the Chair of the Board for Artists for Peace and Justice Canada.
Adapt. Invent. Thrive. Online Marketing Summit | Press Release

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Michelle Daides, MD Media Inc. We are an award-winning video production and marketing firm focused on creating compelling content that converts to sales for our clients.

Rachel Di Martino, Geek Unicorn Inc. We are a women-led web design agency in Toronto making organizations stand out online, like a Unicorn in a field of horses.

Maria Arangio, Creativo Advertising Inc. We are a leading design and digital media agency focused on crafting creative solutions for organizations and result-driven marketing strategies.

Michelene Maguire, Maguire Marketing Group. We are a B2B and Professional Services Marketing Agency specializing in customer acquisition, lead generation and revenue.

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Thank you to our sponsors and partners including Creativo Advertising Inc., Geek Unicorn, Maguire Marketing Group, MD Media Inc., Henry Business Law, Klusster, Memberpress and Theme.Co.


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