The Secret to Success...

The Secret to Success...

I’m going to tell you the secret of success and I’m going to tell you how I came to know this secret.

The Secret to Success….

Some people believe that there is a secret to success that only rich people know. Today I’m going to tell you the secret of success and I’m going to tell you how I came to know this secret.

When I was a little girl we lived in a big farm house on a hill. My grandparents lived in a little house across the laneway from us so my grandparents had a big influence on me. My grandparents were cash crop farmers. They grew corn, wheat, soybeans. They took great pride in the way the fields looked. No weed was allowed to live on their fields and they spent hours and hours walking up and down the rows of grain hoeing the field by hand. They would have been embarrassed if the neighbours could see just one weed.

Garden of Success

Every spring I would help my grandparents plant the vegetable and flower garden. We put stakes in at the end of every row with a string between them. Someone would read the package to see how deep the seed should be planted and then carefully follow the string to make a straight row at exactly the correct depth. Then we would carefully and gently cover the row of seeds exactly as the package said.

From this garden we had beautiful tomatoes, beets, carrots and lettuce.

The first time I tried to plant a garden with my husband; he took a hoe and dug a trench, dropped seed in it and kicked dirt on it! I was flabbergasted! I told him we were supposed to use stakes and a string and measure. He could not understand why. I decided I just could not garden with my husband because he didn’t know the right way to do it.

From Neil’s garden we had beautiful tomatoes, beets, carrots and lettuce.

So here’s the secret of success. The secret of success is that there isn’t any one secret. Many people look at someone they believe is successful and they look at what that person has done and they say “I could never do that” and they are right. They can’t be successful they way someone else is successful. They can only be successful in their own way.

Future Path

When you plan a trip, some people want to use the freeway and take the most direct route. Some people want to take the scenic route and follow the winding trails, meander up the hills and make stops along the way. They arrive at the same destination.

They are both correct! The freeway personality wouldn’t be happy on the winding road and the meandering personality wouldn’t be happy on the freeway and they both get to the same place!

Here’s what I have learned in 20 years of financial planning:

1. There isn’t one secret to success.

2. You need to decide where you want to go. This first step – deciding what you want is one where many people do not take enough time.

3. You need a plan: your own unique plan.

4. Do not measure your success based on what someone else wants

5. Success is determined by behaviour not by income, IQ or education. You can control your behaviour. Take the time to develop solid money management behaviours.

The Meaning of success to you

So the secret is that there isn’t a secret. Take the time to know what you want and your unique approach to get there. Develop good behaviours regarding your finances and success will find you. Get some help to create a written plan; your future is too important to leave to chance.

Lynn Whetham

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