Donate Your Money Mindfully

Donate Your Money Mindfully

When we donate our money, we cast a vote for our values.

Donate Your Money Mindfully...

and create a better world.

When we donate our money, we cast a vote for our values.

Think about it…. how often are you asked to give money to a cause? I’ll bet you’re not even aware of it.

Mindful Money Management has exposed me to people who have become engaged in causes that they are passionate about and those causes give their lives new meaning.

Donate Your Money Mindfully

What if you could apply your donation to a cause that you feel a deep connection to? What if you could find a charitable organization whose goals were so in line with your purpose that you were excited to get involved every time there was a need and you were asked to help?

A meaningful gift flows from the giver to the receiver but it touches both the giver and the receiver.

You know what makes some people even happier? It’s learning they can even make a difference to the causes they love when they die. Their gift lives on. Their values become their legacy.

Whether you want to leave your money to your spouse, your kids, your favorite charity, or your cat, you show them who and what you value by being mindful. Mindful Money Management helps you share your values with your loved ones.

There was a gentleman in my office one day and he believed he knew what would happen when he died. He didn’t believe he had much and he was sure it would just go to his family when he died.

When we applied Mindful Money Management we found he could leave more to his family and a gift to his favourite charity meant leaving a lot less to the government. All it took was a repositioning of assets. The gift to charity helped to show his family that giving was important to him. He voted for his values with his money!

Imagine, if you found a way to make a far greater impact than you ever thought was possible.

People get excited about giving when they can see the possibilities. Mindful Money Management puts you in control. People who are mindful make a difference, by leaving more to their families, more to charity and as little as possible to the tax man.

Join the mindful and create a better world.

Lynn Whetham

About the Author:

Lynn Whetham is a Certified Financial Planner and Managing Partner at Stepright Capital Planning Inc in St. George, Ontario. Lynn believes in community involvement and enjoys sharing others' inspiring stories through her podcast Stepright with Lynn. The podcast is dedicated to empowering socially conscious individuals to manage their financial resources for the benefit of themselves, their families, and the greater community.

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