Spend Your Money Mindfully

Spend Your Money Mindfully

What does spending money have to do with creating a better world? Did you realize that you cast a vote for your values every time you spend your money?

Spend Your Money Mindfully...

and create a better world.

What does spending money have to do with creating a better world? Did you realize that you cast a vote for your values every time you spend your money?

Spend Your Money Mindfully

One of the triggers for me was when my grandson at 17 years old had a Christmas wish list. One item on his list was a particular brand of clothing. So, I went to the mall and I found the right store and I walked in and saw what it said on the shirt: Cocaine and Caviar. I had a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Every cell in my body was reacting to those words! I wanted my grandson to have the shirt that he wanted but I couldn’t buy a shirt that said Cocaine and Caviar! I was determined that not a penny of my money would go to that company. There was another brand of clothing that had similar styles and didn’t glorify cocaine. Some of it was on sale so I purchased a few items and one of those shirts became my grandson’s favorite.

I voted for my values with my money just by buying the ethical brand of shirts. That’s practicing Mindful Money Management.

To take this further, what if we can make our purchases from a company that has values that align with our own? To keep the example in the clothing industry let’s say that protecting the environment is important to you. The manufacture of clothing takes a lot of resources from the environment. Did you know that there are clothing companies that manufacture from recycled cloth? tonlé is a notable clothing company that uses zero waste by creative pattern making that uses 100% of a given material, and generating garments from remnant materials. Here is a list of 8 more fashion brands that use recycled material. Another clothing company worth mentioning is Toad & Co. They dedicated to making clothes that last, lightening their environmental footprint and supporting sustainable business practices.

Ethics in the Fashion Industry with Pamela D'Ettorre

Many companies are mindful and have taken steps to minimize their environmental impact. Realizing there is a choice - would you rather purchase clothing manufactured in a sustainable way?

There’s a lot of talk about buying Canadian and buying local. That’s important.

You can also consider the conditions of the workers where the product is made and the effect of your purchase on our economy, our neighbour’s jobs, and the environment.

When you make a decision based on the environmental effect of a product you are applying part of my program  Mindful Money Management– it’s about casting a vote in favour of your values with your money.

Join the Mindful and create a better world.

Spend Your Money Mindfully

About the Author: Lynn Whetham is a Certified Financial Planner and Managing Partner at Stepright Capital Planning Inc in St. George, Ontario. Lynn believes in community involvement and enjoys sharing others' inspiring stories through her podcast Stepright with Lynn. The podcast is dedicated to empowering socially conscious individuals to manage their financial resources for the benefit of themselves, their families, and the greater community.

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