Financial Mindfulness

Financial Mindfulness

Financial success requires us to be mindful. Thinking consciously about our choices helps us create the best habits.

One key area on our cash flow sheet is our food. We all must eat and our habits around food will affect our budgets as well as our health, our energy levels and our ability to achieve our goals.

Never have we had so many choices when it comes to our food. Never have we been so removed from understanding where our food comes from and never have we been so influenced by marketing.

I was not raised on quinoa, avocados or chia. They have found their way into my diet today. It’s not an option for me to visit the farm where my avocados grow to ask questions about the use of pesticides, the living conditions of the farmer or other things I might consider if it was an option.

Financial Mindfulness

My grandparents were all farmers. I grew up on a cash crop farm near a town called Ridgetown, Ontario. In the era of small family farms most of your food came from your own land. Vegetables were canned and frozen for winter use. You ate meat raised under your own supervision which meant you knew how the animal was treated. You knew what the animal ate and you knew it was a healthy animal and you knew how the meat was processed.

I was lucky to be raised on a farm and I’m lucky to live on a hobby farm today; so much of that is still true for me today. However, I also purchase a lot of food for which I don’t know the story and that lack of knowledge and control of the source of food is reality for most of us.

Financial Mindfulness

Leanne Schaeken, blogger and podcaster of The Smart Seed – The story of food is trying to change that. Leanne says,” : If you are a concerned consumer--concerned about animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and the treatment of workers and shareholders in the food industry then you must also be concerned about the idea of scale. I believe you cannot target those issues without dealing with the scale of companies and farms within the agricultural system.”

Leanne believes that with education we can eat better and stay well within our budgets. She says, “There is power in a learned skill. Eating healthy from quality ingredients does not need to be the more expensive option. If we knew how to cook, cut, and prepare we could do much with little.”

Speaking about those “best habits” I mentioned earlier, Leanne says, “We must be critical consumers. Our buying habits should be based on our collective reality and not made through the lens of a marketing campaign.”

Hear what she has to say:

Stepright with Lynn - The Smart Seed with Leanne Schaeken

Financial Mindfulness

About the Author: Lynn Whetham is a Certified Financial Planner and Managing Partner at Stepright Capital Planning Inc in St. George, Ontario. Lynn believes in community involvement and enjoys sharing others' inspiring stories through her podcast Stepright with Lynn. The podcast is dedicated to empowering socially conscious individuals to manage their financial resources for the benefit of themselves, their families, and the greater community.

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