A Privacy Driven Substitute to Google Maps: DuckDuckGo Maps

A Privacy Driven Substitute to Google Maps: DuckDuckGo Maps

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The DuckDuckGo search engine is famous for providing people with more privacy and security. If you don’t know about DuckDuckGo, it is a search engine just similar to Google, but it doesn’t demand its users to share their private information. It promises that it won’t sell users’ data to other third-party advertisers. That is why many people love DuckDuckGo instead of Google. Google sells its users’ data with other third-party advertisers so that the other advertisers can see people’s interests and show ads as per their desire.

Nobody wants their privacy to be ruined by search engines like Google Bing and others.

The interesting thing about DuckDuckGo is that it doesn’t only provides a search engine, but it also has a dedicated mapping service just like Google Maps. The major difference between Google Maps and DuckDuckGo Maps is that DuckDuckGo Maps won’t share your private information with other advertisers for their profit. Similar to the search engine, DuckDuckGo Maps promise its users to protect their data and privacy.

Today we are going to discuss the DuckDuckGo Maps and we’ll discuss everything we know about it so far. So stay tuned and keep reading until we finish.

DuckDuckGo Maps vs. Google Maps

DuckDuckGo Maps doesn’t have a dedicated web URL like Google Maps. Instead, when you use DuckDuckGo search and search for any physical location, you will see DuckDuckGo Maps as a search filter to view only map results.

So whenever you use DuckDuckGo search and search for a place, you can use the Maps filter to access the DuckDuckGo Maps.

You can also search for services, such as restaurants near me to view nearby restaurants. You will see a list of nearby restaurants, and their location will also appear. You can also activate navigation just by tapping on any of them.

This map also has two basic view modes when you access the map. The first view provides you the standard view with streets and routes.

The second view provides you a satellite view of the whole world, letting you see every single place with satellite’s vision. Whenever you search for a place, you will see a list of relevant places to your search in the left sidebar, and the physical location points will appear on the right.

So, you can see, the DuckDuckGo map is very similar to Google Maps in terms of features and basic map functionalities. Along with these features, the DuckDuckGo map also provides you with more privacy, unlike Google Maps.

The Issues with Google Maps

Google Maps is no doubt one of the best online map applications in the world. It has outstanding features and the data it has about the world’s physical places is almost immeasurable. Bing Maps is also a very versatile and powerful online mapping solution. It is absolutely free like Google. However, both top-class free mapping services are not very trustworthy when it comes to privacy. They do try to collect your personal information, activities, and interests as much as they can do. The worst thing about these Maps is that they use hidden data trackers to keep an eye on you and your activities, all the time.

Whenever you use Google Maps and Bing Maps, you allow them to view your online search activities, interest, and whatever you do on your devices.

That is why many people don’t like Google search and its mapping services. They love more privacy-concerned search engines and mapping services like DuckDuckGo Maps and search engines.

In terms of privacy and user data security, DuckDuckGo Maps is far better than Bing Maps and Google Maps. You might miss some useful features in this service, but they value your privacy and don’t use hidden privacy tracking tools.

You might see some advertisements on DuckDuckGo Maps and its search engine, but these ads are not targeted only at you, or according to your interest or private information. Instead this search engine show advertisements to users without targeting their interest and private information. You will get generic ads that are not based on your information and online activities.

You may have noted that whenever you search for a specific thing on Google, you see search and display ads related to your previous search activities, which could be embarrassing in some cases. For example, if you search for a private matter on Google, like dating and all, you will be getting advertisements related to that search in the next couple of weeks. Suppose how awkward it would be when others accidentally see advertisements on your devices as per your personal interest and previous online activities. If Google displays an adult ad for you on your device and others accidentally see these ads, they will surely get an idea of what you have been searching for in the last few days.

This is why we prefer DuckDuckGo Maps and search engines over Google Maps. we hope we have provided you enough information about this useful mapping service. If you have liked this information, then it is a pleasure for us to help you.

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