Gold Rope Chains: What Does Diamond Cut Mean?

Gold Rope Chains: What Does Diamond Cut Mean?

We'll break down what diamond cut is and is not. Get the information to buy the chain you want.

When shopping for gold rope chains, you can choose between one that has been diamond cut or not. But what exactly does “diamond cut” mean? The term itself conjures up images of diamond encrusted chains or chains cut with the side of diamonds. Read on to find out the true meaning so that you are aware of exactly what you are buying.

Are There Any Diamonds in a Diamond Cut Gold Rope Chain?

No, “diamond cut” does not mean there are diamonds in the chain. If you are shopping around for diamond chains, look out for the following terms:

  • diamond-studded
  • diamond-encrusted
  • diamond chain

Are Diamonds Used to Cut the Chain?

Once again, the answer is no. This is very confusing, because the term does sound as if a diamond is used in the production of the chain.

Diamond cut gold rope chains are, in fact, usually styled by a jeweler’s chisel. Other jewelers may have slightly different ways in which they design and manufacture chains, but most of the time, it comes down to cutting gold with a chisel.

So What Does Diamond Cut Mean?

Diamond cut simply refers to the name of the cut in the chain. The cuts (notches) are supposed to look better under light, and will make your chain “shine like diamonds.”

Diamond cut chains are not weaved together; the jeweler is the one making the cuts in the chains. Because of the cuts, the chains will be less durable but more flashy than their counterparts.

Which One Should You Choose?

Whichever one you like! No pressure here; to each their own. It’s our job to get you and other shoppers informed to make a decision you are comfortable with. If diamond cut gold chains are for you, look for the “D/C” abbreviation on some jeweler websites.