Cryo Slimming - An Advanced Method For Stubborn Fat Removal

Cryo Slimming - An Advanced Method For Stubborn Fat Removal

Cryo slimming is an FDA-approved, advanced, non-surgical fat loss treatment to reduce or remove fat deposits and make skin firm. Many people and cosmetologists consider it as a better alternative to liposuction. The people struggling with fat loss often adopt this for permanent fat loss. Cryo slimming removes the unwanted fat pockets that cannot be removed by exercise or diet control.

Cryo Slimming can be performed for the face, tummy, thigh, hips, arms, back, and legs. It is a risk-free and less painful option than surgical , implying no downtime after treatment. Its effects last for several months to years depending on the lifestyle and diet of the individuals. The professionals organize sessions after cryo slimming and recommend cautionary measures post-treatment.

The therapist suggests cryo slimming sessions depending on the fat amount. Typically the patients obtain satisfactory results with 3 to 6 cryo slimming sessions with a gap of two weeks in each session. A cryo slimming session lasts for 30-40 minutes.

Cryo Slimming Treatment

Cryo slimming treatment targets the desired treatment areas, metabolizes the fat cells, and ultimately removes them from the body. The professionals perform this treatment in three phases as follow

Lipolaser: In this phase, the fat cell membranes are disrupted, cell structure is destabilized, and their substance is desolated, making them vulnerable to extraction during the next phase. The treatment injects laser and flushes out intestinal fluid by lymphatic system.

Cryolipolysis - This procedure targets and cools the fat cells to eventually trigger their end. Within some days, the body naturally removes the metabolized cells, and the rest of the cells liquify, eliminating a fat layer.

Cavitation - Cavitation fragments the fat tissues with low fiber content to allow further metabolism of fat cells. It uses radio frequency and low-frequency ultrasonic waves to brust the fat underneath skin.


The alternation between heat and cold treatments in cryo slimming provides an additional toning benefit that helps produce collagen and elastin in the skin. The patients lose fat up to 1 to 2 inches during the sessions and up to two inches after treatment.

The Dos for Best Results in Cryo Slimming

  • Avoid sugar 2 hours before and after a cryo slimming session
  • Go for the cryslimming of a single body part at a time
  • Undergo tonic treatment once a week
  • Increase your water intake during cryo slimming programs
  • Follow diet and exercise recommendations post treatment

Cryo slimming is a safe fat reduction treatment which eventually helps in face contouring, weight loss, detoxification, and cellulite loss. In short, it offers loads of health benefits with no risk and downtime.