Cruelty Free Lashes in Brooklyn to Enhance Your Eyes

Cruelty Free Lashes in Brooklyn to Enhance Your Eyes

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Eyes are often considered the windows to the soul, but nothing makes your eyes stand out more than a set of luscious lashes. With so many lash options on the market, it can be hard to find a cruelty-free brand where you live. But now you’re in luck because there is a new hot spot for natural lashes in Brooklyn. Lash glue for sensitive eyes is on its way to becoming an all-natural trend.

Why Choose Strip Lash Glue for Sensitive Eyes?

1. It’s Certified Natural by the Leaping Bunny Program.

2. Strip lash glue for sensitive eyes is vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free.

3. It does not contain ingredients known to irritate, such as formaldehyde, bisphenol A, or any other chemical compounds usually found in traditional lash glues.

4. It’s hypoallergenic and has an organic formula that won’t irritate your eyes like other conventional products.

5. It’s completely safe and may even be used by those suffering from sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and women who are pregnant.

6. Unlike other lash glues that can cause eye strain and clumpiness, they won’t leave any residue or discolouration on your natural lashes or skin.

7. You can use it with synthetic and natural lashes.

8. It’s one of the most affordable lash glues on the market today, which means you can get a lot more for your money!

9. It’s a great alternative to strip lash extensions that take expensive and time consuming to maintain.

10. It’s cruelty-free, meaning no animals had to suffer for your beauty.

Benefits of Using Strip Lashes

1. It’s no-stick, no pun intended! You can put on your makeup without worrying about smearing it all over your eyelashes.

2. You have had them done professionally using a high-end lash glue for months instead of hours.

3. It’s a great alternative to makeup found in drugstores, leaving you feeling like you have just looked at yourself in the mirror all day long!

4. With a special Strip lash glue for sensitive eyes, you can wear them for as long as you want. For example, if you want to brave the rain and go out in it, you’ll have to take lashes off when it stops and on when the weather improves.

How Strip Lash Glue Works

1. It’s hypoallergenic, which means those with sensitive eyes can use this product without experiencing any irritation or allergic reactions.

2. It doesn’t contain the ingredients commonly used in traditional lash strips. These include formaldehyde, bisphenol A, and anything else that can irritate your eyes.

3. It comes in a little pot or tube with a brush that you put just the right amount of glue on so you don’t waste any.

4. You can wear Strip lash glue for sensitive eyes for up to six days straight, and it has a convenient glue remover for when you’re ready to take them off.


It may be the best solution for women with sensitive eyes and pregnant women. The natural and concentrated formula means that you need a little glue, and your lashes in Brooklyn will look amazing. However, if you’re unsure about using this type of glue, we highly recommend you consult your doctor before trying it out.