Your Skin Deserves a Fall Refresh after Summer Fun

Your Skin Deserves a Fall Refresh after Summer Fun

Lunah Life is all about self care and what better time, as the seasons change, to detox and refresh your skin. You'll be over the moon with these ideas.

Summer is fun time and we pack in as many activities as possible while the sun is hot and the water is warm. It’s a busy time and we often forget about our skin care while we are soaking up the sunshine. The season is changing and now is a good time to give YOU a bit of time to chill out and do some self care. Consider it a holiday for yourself and create an evening all about YOU.

Steaming and Masking are great ways to pamper your skin. Light some incense, play your favourite music, diffuse your favourite oil to set the mood to pamper yourself before things get crazy in September.

Your skin wants some special care that it hasn’t got during the summer parties, so let’s give your skin a little bit of love…

Lunah Life Facial Steam Tabs

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Facial Steam Tabs

We’ve got three new facial steams perfect for your pamper night.

Purple tab decreases inflammation and is calming to the skin and great from redness and rashes.

Pink tab is wonderful for dry or mature skin or if you were outside a lot this summer.

Black tab works for oily skin, hormonal acne and to detox the skin.

How to Use

Boil some water, place the tabs in a bowl, grab a towel and steam your beautiful face away! Save the water for a few days and use an amazing personal toner.

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Once you have given your facial skin a wonderful steam and cleanse, you will definitely want to follow with a cleansing masque.

Lunah Life Sandalwood Powder Cleanser Exfoliant Masque

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Sandalwood Powder Cleanser Exfoliant Masque

This is a natural handmade vegan powder using Tulsi Powder, Sandalwood Powder and Coconut Milk Powder. There are three ways to use this delicious powder. In the morning as a cleanse and in the evening as an exfoliate and mask. Mix a small amount of cleansing grains in the palm of your hand with a couple drops of water until a paste is formed. Massage onto face. Rinse off with warm water. Or leave on for 5-10 minutes for a good cleanse.

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Nothing has left my skin feeling so soft! I use this as my daily morning cleanser. Love the idea, and its so easy."

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