Livin' The Lunah Lifestyle

Livin' The Lunah Lifestyle

Experience the magic with our natural skincare products and so much more!

Nicole Kirkpatrick of Lunah Life is a natural skincare creator, holistic nutritionist, and a dog lover to the max, and yes, a moon lover!

Nicole and her best friend Roger

Nicole's natural skincare is sprinkled with moon magic.

Along with her line of magical natural skincare, she has lifestyle packages, wellness tune-ups, follow-up sessions, workshops and is available for corporate speaking.

Let’s take a look at some of Lunah’s magical products:

Therapeutic Shower Steams - Vegan + Natural + Handmade

Shower Steamers! For the people who want the benefits of a bath bomb but don't enjoy the bath. Or use them to start your day right, or kick that cold. Available in 4 therapeutic essential oil blends for whichever scenario you may need.

Lunah Life London

Shower Steamers

Little Self-Love Package

The ultimate package of Love.

The kit includes: 4oz Botanical Bath Salt (rosewood and sweet orange aromas) Botanical bath bomb with organic rose petals and blue cornflowers. Rose quartz crystal. Organic Rose Petal + Lavender mini facial steam

Lunah Love London

Little Self-Love Packages


For full ingredients go to Essential Oil Roller Perfumes

10ml natural, handmade aroma perfumes. Perfect to wear for any occasion. Choose the scent that best suits your needs. Rub on temples, behind neck, pulse points and bottoms of the feet for theraputic value.

0 - The Infinite Number

Use this blend to motivate and improve your mood. A happy, uplifting blend!

3 -The Number of Manifestation

Use this blend before yoga and meditation to ground your thoughts and connect your mind to the spiritual world. Very grounding and relaxing, aids in relieving stress and anxiety.

111- The Number of Angels

This blend has compassionate and healing feminine energy. It is energetically cleansing, grounding and relaxing.

7 - The Number of Seeker/Truth

Sleep soundly with this gentle blend of Jasmine, Benzoin, Vanilla, Patchouli, Frankinsence, Sweet Orange, Vetiver.

108 - The Sacred Number

Need help focusing? This blend is for you.

Lunah Love London

Essential Oil Roller Perfumes

So many loving products to showcase from Lunah Life you will just have to stay tuned for futher articles and of course you can jump right over to the WEBSITE or visit their FACEBOOK page.

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