IELTS Task 2 - Have You Earned Lot Money?

IELTS Task 2 - Have You Earned Lot Money?

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IELTS task 2 - Have you Earned a lot of money? What does it mean to you? It does not necessarily mean that you've achieved success, or that you're a millionaire! As a mature adult with responsibilities to others and passions of your own, you've achieved much more than just earning a lot of money. Here are some tips to help you answer the question correctly:

IELTS task 2: Earned Lot of Money

How many people can relate to a person who has earned a large sum of money? IELTS task 2 asks you to write about someone who has made a lot of money and why this person is considered successful. Using examples from your own knowledge, provide your own explanations and reasons for your answer. You have 40 minutes to write your response. This IELTS writing task demonstrates your ability to analyze and compare facts


When you look at the list of the jobs that earn the highest wages, you'll find two basic reasons: high demand and a lack of competition. Poets can write beautiful, deep poetry, but they won't get very far if no one reads them. Chickens and milk are also better than cheaper alternatives, but they need a high demand for them to sell well. While these jobs are generally high-demand, many don't pay as well.


Ever wonder how some people have become able to earn a lot of money from selling their old notes? It is possible! If you have handwritten notes, scan them and sell them online. The website NoteSale will pay you a percentage of every sale. If the writing is clear, you can even sell handwritten notes scanned into a digital format. There are many other ways to make money online. Listed below are some of the most common ways to make money online.


While human teleportation is a long way off, it is not impossible. In the next 100 years, it is possible to make a copy of yourself without leaving your current location. This would work like an ultra-high-resolution MRI scanner, with accuracy down to the atom per pixel. In addition to earning lot money, teleporting is very convenient for players. If you are short on money, you can save your Teleports until you have some.

Quantum teleportation is another method of teleportation. To teleport an object, a pair of entangled photons is sent down an optical fiber. The two particles then re-entangle and move to the destination. At the new location, the photons will be identical. If you are using this method to teleport yourself, remember to set your location before teleporting.