Best Strategies For Hotel Management Company To Respond In COVID-19 Situation

Best Strategies For Hotel Management Company To Respond In COVID-19 Situation

Coronavirus COVID-19 has badly affected several industries including the hotel industry.

Coronavirus COVID-19 has badly affected several industries including the hotel industry. made its way to the United States. There is a need for strategic and focused behaviour and action to manage this industry during the pandemic.

HSMAI introduced a Hotel Management Company Chief Revenue Officer Virtual Roundtable that discussed the impact of COVID-19 on hotel revenue optimization. It also mentioned the ways to track the operation of the hospitality industry. Let us learn about best practices, ideas, and lessons that the participants share at the event.

Equip Yourself With The Necessary Tools And Facts

Knowledge and teamwork are what is needed at this crucial phase. A community that is armed with essential tools and facts can protect it effectively against the spread and transmission of coronavirus.

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Establish Best Practices And Operational Protocols In Safety

A hotel should follow the below rules diligently on the premises.

• All employees should wash their hands frequently.

• Keep hand sanitizer at all touchpoints and “check-in counters”.

• Train the staff to practice social distancing throughout the hotel premises and outside.

• Properly sanitize public areas, public bathrooms, key touch points, and key cards, etc.

• Ensure proper food safety is being followed.

• Train the housekeeping staff on new and stricter housekeeping procedures.

Have Proper Reservation And Cancelation Policies In Place:

A business must practice positive PR at this crucial phase by implementing the following.

• Communicating the updated policies on the hotel website.

• Updating the current rates to be thoughtful and inexpensive in this period of crisis.

• Follow local regulations in regards to rules of accommodating guests, especially self-quarantine guests.

Explore New Staffing Models:

Succeed should be focused on reorganizing the backup in areas of staffing, strategy planning, procedures, markets, staffing messaging, properties, etc. There should be better engagement between the employees.

Employees should come together as a strong team. In addition to it, a response team should also be made that will have a representative from every discipline throughout the company.

Make Strategies to Work Across Markets:

Hotels should synergize their efforts and share knowledge across markets. Collecting a lot of online information and combining it on a forum is required. A hotel should generate more efficiency by distributing contacts across diverse markets. Daily sales, revenue, eCommerce call, and marketing, will help in reaching diverse markets effectively.

Recognize The Efforts of Your Team

Your team has been working very hard to cope-up with the challenges and bring the business back on track. As the leader of the team, it is important to appreciate them for going the extra mile and delivering beyond their expectations.

Appreciate them for their willingness to learn about different departments (cross-training). It will keep them motivated and help in increased productivity of the business.


Where many industries are in despair after a period of loss, the experts believe that it is not the time to fear, but to use tools to keep communities strong, empowered, and healthy. The above-mentioned strategies will help companies accelerate and regain their lost momentum at a rapid pace.