What Qualifies a Music Therapist?

What Qualifies a Music Therapist?

Musical Therapists can be wonderful resources for addressing symptoms of both physical and mental ailments - but what qualifies a musical therapist?

Musical therapy majors are taught to connect, inspire, and heal others through the medium of music. They gain real world experience through internships, cutting edge clinical research, and collaborating with a diverse community of musicians, faculty, and industry and health professionals.

This training is very strict and controlled - ensuring graduates are prepared to excel in the Board Certification Examination. All music therapists must be board certified, recognizing them as fully trained experts.

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Music therapists in Ontario must pass a board examination.

The program itself is quite intense, requiring a thorough understanding of music theory, history, composition, and arranging, as well as keyboard, guitar, voice, improvisation and conducting training. They are also required to develop clinical skills, like principals of therapy, exceptionality, and the therapeutic relationship.

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An internship of over 1,000 hours is also required, which takes place in a clinic where they learn to apply critical problem-solving techniques in developing music therapy interventions for a wide variety of patients, and are able to apply their knowledge to real situations and patients.

A musical therapy major learns to interpret codes of ethical practice standards in the music therapy profession, while also learning how to apply them in clinical internship settings.

Music therapists can also continue their education and receive a Master’s and Doctorate in Music Therapy.

Roxanne Christian of Live Love Life Music received her BA in Music Therapy from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA., and now applies her expertise and experience to her own patients.

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Berklee College of Music

Roxanne and her team have the experience and qualifications to help you or someone you love discover the power of music therapy.

Visit their website HERE for more information, or contact Roxanne at info@livelovelifemusic.com.