Getting to Know Roxanne and Live Love Life Music Therapy

Getting to Know Roxanne and Live Love Life Music Therapy

The power of music and sound to heal and treat has been practiced for centuries. Live Love Life Music provides a modern approach to this incredible practice.

We have all experienced the power of music to change our overall mood or attitude towards a specific situation – whether on a road trip or at a wedding, or in a song from your childhood that you suddenly remember all the words to, while it transports you back twenty years...

Roxanne Christian, founder and owner of Live Love Life Music, takes our experiences with music and shapes it into a transformative therapy to promote health and wellness.

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After graduating from the Berklee College of Music in Boston with a BA in Music Therapy, Roxanne spent time in California before returning home to the Durham Region. She quickly realized there was both a lack of alternative therapy options available to her community, and no real information on the benefits of music therapy. So she set out to simultaneously educate her community on the amazing benefits and many applications of music therapy, and put her education and experience to good use.

And so Live Love Life Music was born with a mission to help enrich the lives of individuals and help them reach their goals through the therapeutic use of music. By empowering individuals to use music to explore alternative methods of improving their mood, develop and drive their sense of purpose, improve social and cognitive functionality, and to find and express themselves.

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Live Love Life Music

Music therapy is the scientific approach of using a combination of music, sound, imagery, and movement as the modality to promote health and wellness. These sessions are customized to each individual, and can be designed to manage stress, alleviate pain, enhance memory, improve communication, and even promote physical rehabilitation.

Roxanne and her team use many tools to accomplish this, including:

  • Various percussion instruments from around the world
  • Tibetan singing bowl
  • Native American flute
  • Traditional flute
  • Suzuki handchimesAromas of essential oils (if requested)
  • Aromas of essential oils (if requested)
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard/piano
  • Recorded music (usually client preferred).

Live Love Life Music and Adults Sampler

Whether you work with seniors in long-term care or nursing homes, at an Adult Day Program, an elementary school or college, or are interested in exploring this unique therapy for yourself, Roxanne can meet with you to discuss a personalized program to help meet your needs and preferences.

Visit the Live Love Life Music website HERE, or send Roxanne and her team an email at for more information.

Improving Lives Through the Power of Music.