Common Tan Stripping Ingredients

Common Tan Stripping Ingredients

How do you care for your tan? Ingredients in common beauty products can strip your colour away.

How you care for your tan, post spray once I’ve left, is 100% up to you and it is absolutely critical. What you do and don’t do will be the difference between how long your spray tan lasts and how evenly it fades.

Choosing the right products that are either made specifically for spray tans, or that are able to work well with spray tans, will aid you in your after care journey. Coconut oil is fantastic, a little bit goes a long way when using it as a body moisturizer. Use a small glob in you palm and rub gently all over. Aloe vera based products are also wonderful after* your spray tan.

*Make sure you apply NOTHING prior to your first shower post spray tanning appointment. Please visit my before & after care info tab

Here are some common tan stripping ingredients to avoid

Mineral oil: it is a petroleum based skin softener that not only strips your tan but also clogs your pores and has been known to have extreme effects on the skin. This is a common ingredient in cheap lotions and is also found in Jergens Natural Glow (and others). Avoid it like the plague!! By scrapping this one ingredient, you could extend you tan significantly.

Petrolatum: also a petroleum based skin softener that clogs pores and strips the tan. This is used much less than mineral oil, but is prevalent in body butters mainly, and really rich body creme washes. Avoid it not just for your tan, but for your skin! It’s a cheap ingredient that doesn’t lock in moisture but just makes your skin feel soft. Hydrated skin and soft skin are not always the same thing!

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: also known as SLS, this is the most common ingredient in body washes as it is a pretty strong detergent and lathers well. However, it will strip your tan quicker than anything. Look for products that contain the less harsh Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (can be derived from coconuts but typically made in a lab) or a more natural coconut derived sulfate.

Like I’ve mentioned; hydrated skin and soft skin are not always the same thing. Follow proper after care to ensure great results and get your moneys’ worth!

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