5 Must-Have Baby Supplies for Their First Camping Trip

5 Must-Have Baby Supplies for Their First Camping Trip

When people think of activities to enjoy with a baby, camping may not be the first that comes to mind. However, with the proper preparation and the right gear, camping with your baby can be a treat for everyone involved. In addition to the baby supplies that should accompany your baby everywhere, like the highest quality swaddling muslins, there are a few essentials that you should always have for camping. With careful planning and packing, your baby’s first camping trip can be a fun, memorable experience for the whole family.

A Big Diaper Bag

You likely don’t go anywhere without your trusted diaper bag fully stocked by your side. There are a wide variety of baby supplies that you should have in general and especially have packed for camping. Those include:

• Toys and books

• Changes of clothes

• Baby hat and sunglasses

• Age-appropriate snacks and food

• Diapers, wipes, and baby powder

• Bottles and bottle-cleaning brushes

• Sunscreen and sun-protective clothing

Of course, it’s important to ensure your baby is old enough to wear sunscreen (consult your pediatrician) and to be careful about sun exposure. Comfortably keeping all of these supplies handy requires a convenient solution like a large diaper bag you can sling over your shoulder for hands-free carrying, like a tote or a backpack.

Several Muslin Swaddles

A premium-quality muslin swaddle is among the most versatile pieces of baby gear. It can be used for snuggling, nursing, and, of course, natural swaddling. Both camping and babies have a tendency to make things dirty quickly, so be sure to pack along a number of top-quality cotton muslin swaddle blankets.

A Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket

Water-resistant outdoor blankets are an absolute must, especially if you’re taking your baby on a camping trip. These blankets tend to become the gathering place of a campsite, where your family can all sit while your baby can crawl, play, eat, and otherwise be off the ground. The best outdoor blankets are also going to fold into a compact, bagless design for easy transport and storage and be easy to clean.

Quilted Sleep Bag

A first-rate quilted sleep bag is an invaluable asset for camping adventures, travel, and keeping your little one safe and comfortable at home. Cotton muslin quilted sleep bags are breathable and promote safer sleep. They create the perfect environment for cozy napping. Choose a quilted sleep bag that incorporates parent-friendly features like a two-way zipper for the easiest nighttime diaper changes.

Downtime Supplies for You

When packing everything your little one will need for their first camping adventure, be sure you don’t neglect to include supplies for yourself. Part of the joy of camping is the downtime when you get to kick back with a good book, a hot cup of coffee, or whatever works best as your preferred relaxation strategy. Make sure you take along whatever it is you’ll enjoy doing while your baby is napping, and you can grab a little “me” time.

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