NO Specials This Month

NO Specials This Month

Explosive Company Growth is challenging demand for product in a good way. There is Opportunity!

No Specials this Month

Explosive Company Growth is challenging demand so No Specials this Month, however I do have some stock which I have listed at the end of this article. You can contact me for these by clicking on How Can I Help button at the bottom.

This may seem totally silly to you because I'm writing to let you know I'm NOT running any specials this month. So let me explain.

in case you have not been touched by the massive amount of postings on FaceBook or connected to anyone else who has been experiencing the effect of the growth that has been happening within SeneGence in the past year.

We are in a Catch 22 situation.

The company has been experiencing explosive growth and their manufacturing company has not been able to keep up with the demand. A historical event took place last month where the owner of SeneGence purchased the transfer of the manufacturing process entirely. New ground has been broken and other facilities are in a retro-fit mode in order take over this process of manufacturing, and with this, of course, some glitches happen as machines go on line.

In Canada alone, our growth has been 7000%. It is hard to fathom and all of our heads are spinning. It is exciting and at the same time a little nerve wrecking.

Linda Nakashima Senegence Cambridge, Linda Nakashima Lipsence, Senegence Cambridge

Explosive Company Growth with Senegence

Right now SeneGence is doing everything feasible to get on top of this situation and surprisingly even though it has created numerous issues for the distributors, the growth continues and in many ways is wonderful. So many new locations are being opened and jobs are being created and there are women all over North American reaping the rewards from this massive growth.

Social media has spurred this incredible Growth

There is no other form of communication that has been able to reach more people instantaneously. If we are not using FaceBook, Twitter, Klusster, or another social media platform, now is time to pay attention and get our name out there.

Competition is a good keeps up on our toes and we want to ride the wave of success and growth.

Social Media and Klusster, Sengence Cambridge, Linda Nakashima

Social Media

The bottom line right now is we don't have enough inventory to meet the orders being placed. We are asking for patience and understanding because we know this will pass. To paraphrase what was said in the movie, “ The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" - everything will be okay in the end, and if it isn't, it simply means.... it isn't the end,"

Senegence Cambridge

Everything will be ok

Fortunately for me, I ordered quite a lot of product back in November in preparation for the National Women's Trade Show in Toronto, and I am able to now fill orders for my clients during this shortage situation.

No Specials This Month

The reason I'm not offering specials at this time, as ridiculous as it seems, is I do not want to be flooded with a lot of orders just because I am offering a discount that I may not be able to fill.

I will keep you posted when things start to improve. I will make every effort to fulfill the orders I receive and there may be some delay if I am out of stock. I will use every resource available to keep my clients happy.

I ordered heavy on the Diamond Dust colour collection, and have quite a few of those so contact me below or on FaceBook to get your today while quantities last.

Bombshell, Crimson Red, Sheer Berry, Praline Rose and Caramel Apple LipSence $36

Diamond Kiss Gloss $27

Diamond Collection

Senegence Cambridge LInda Nakashima

Diamond Collection

Would you be interested in chatting about the opportunity of working together in a business that is exploding and in such demand? I look forward to hearing from you. Linda Nakashima, Senegence Cambridge

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