How Expression Painting Can Brighten Your Living Room?

How Expression Painting Can Brighten Your Living Room?

Living rooms are the core space in a home. It's that one common square where all the other squares of the house overlap. Whatever be the style of your living room, formal, informal, or semi-formal, its purpose is usually to mingle and make some memories. Thus, it's the one space in the home that deserves a generous dose of art and look to provide that warm feeling.

How Expression Painting Can Brighten Your Living Room?

Here are 3 reasons why expression painting is an essential element for your living rooms:

1.It acts as a conversation starter: Art brings with itself many perceptions and interpretations that make it a perfect ice breaker when it comes to conversations. How one interprets a piece of art also speaks volumes about one's views and ideologies of life.

2.It adds a finishing touch to a room: Its colors or lack of it, its texture, definition, and personality add character to a room and make it a complete picture. Depending on the kind of art you choose, you can give a contemporary, classic, or fusion look to the living room.

3.It is a window into your personality: Whether you are an animal lover or a nature enthusiast, a fun-loving person or a secretive one, or a go-getter, your choice of expression painting will define your personality greatly. So, choose wisely!

Few benefits of using acrylic paint

As compared to other mediums acrylic painting on canvas is a new medium which is added to the world of painting only since the 1950s. A lot of practice and patience is required to learn this painting. Most artists prefer doing landscape painting in the beginning because it is the easiest way of starting this medium. The next level of this medium is usually portrait painting. Versatility, permanence, and ease of use are a few benefits of using acrylic paint.

It can be applied as thickly as required like in impasto or as thin as required like in watercolor. As compared to oil paint, acrylic does not yellow or get hardened with age. Another important benefit of using acrylic painting on canvas is that it dries faster as compared to other mediums. Offering a wide range of textures, consistencies, and hues, acrylics are extremely versatile and vibrant so much so that no other painting medium can beat it. Highly flexible, they can be painted on almost anything as long as the surface is water-resistant.