Small and Intimate Weddings

Small and Intimate Weddings
about 4 years ago

Elopement More Your Style? Quickie Officiant Deal Inside!

Once your man finally plucks up the courage and pops that question you’ve been waiting forever to hear; “Will you marry me?”the cogs start turning and the real planning gets kicked up a notch.

Most girls will tell you that they have always dreamed of having a big fairy-tale wedding with all the frills and pomp that goes with it. However there are couples out there that just want to get married with no fuss, no frills, no family and no friends around them, just the two of you and a couple of witnesses.

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In my previous life as a wedding planner in Tuscany I had lots of couples that wanted to do just that. And why not? A big wedding isn’t for everyone, the attention, the cost, the family feuds, years of living together, second or third marriages are all reasons why couples might elope to have a really quiet and intimate wedding.

It was a chance for them to celebrate their love for each other and their relationship. Have a fantastic holiday, get married, have a lovely lunch/dinner to celebrate, either just the two of them or with their witnesses and then just get on with life – married.

They are just as happy as couples having the big family & friends wedding and, well, elopement just sounds like you’re doing something positively naughty.

So if your thinking of getting hitched quietly, or want to have a quickie wedding at home before you head off to a destination wedding to get hitched in front of your family and friends on a tropical beach or in the Tuscan hills then I’m your girl.

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I feel that there is a need for a quick wedding service, it doesn’t have to be a Vegas style wedding (you seriously do not want to see my Elvis impression), but it can be glamorous, intimate, fun, romantic, and done anywhere you choose, although I would point out I’m not a great swimmer!

And it gets better - I’m going to offer a special elopement ceremony rate for couples that want a quickie. If you’d like more details then give me a call or drop me a line here and let’s start planning your secret, elopement wedding ceremony!