Bare Naked and Scrummy...

Bare Naked and Scrummy...

The latest trend in...cakes?

Well that got your attention didn’t it? Bare and naked in the same sentence! I imagine that your ears pricked up and eyes flew down the page and then you realised not naked folk but cakes!Enter Credit Information

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Yep naked wedding cakes - who would have thought that one day you’d be serving a slice of Vitoria sponge at your wedding? But these are no ordinary wedding cakes they may be naked but they most certainly are no plain Janes!

My time in Italy as a wedding planner taught me that actually quite a lot of people don’t actually like the traditional dried fruit wedding cake either so my couples were delighted to find out that wedding cakes in Italy are mille-foglie (mille feuille) layers of puff pastry with chantilly cream and either pieces of fruit or chocolate. Being busy all day it was often the only thing that I would eat and I could have literally sat in a corner and shovelled the stuff in by the bucketful it was so delicious!

Naked, Cake, Wedding, Scrummy

So it’s really no surprise that the humble Victoria sponge is making a glorious appearance at weddings.

Naked, Wedding, Cake, Scrummy

Bon appetito!

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