3 Things To Know Before Integrating A Live Chat Into Your Website

3 Things To Know Before Integrating A Live Chat Into Your Website
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There are lots of live chat providers out there, for any taste and budget. Read this article to make sure your choice is correct.

What do you do when conversions drop? Researches show that around 40% of businesses rely on phone support agents to keep customers happy. At the same time, customers actually prefer live chat to other communication channels.

So, while business managers are puzzling over which tactics to choose to improve customer engagement, a slight shift of focus in terms of customer support channels may do wonders.

There are lots of live chat providers out there, for any taste and budget. Hence, the temptation to invest in the top popular by the version of Google search is high. Yet, to make sure your choice is educated, answer the following questions:

What is the purpose of you getting live chat software?

While it’s almost good manners to have a little live chat button in the corner of a company’s website, a live chat can do a lot more. Read on to see what features you should look for in your software to make the right choice for your business.

Customer support

Using live chat, customers can get in touch with a business representative the moment they have a question or a problem — and get it solved immediately. This eliminates the hold-on time that often happens with emails and phone calls.

If you’re looking to improve your customer service efficiency with live chat, your best bet should be the tools that can monitor what page the customer is on. A live video session feature or cobrowsing option may come in handy, too.

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Lead generation

Almost 80% of online shoppers would like to talk to a real person before making a purchase. Live chat gives a perfect opportunity. Not only that. With live chat, businesses can softly and proactively reach customers with personalized invitations 24/7. Much better than cold-calling and faster than email marketing.

To make the most of live chat technology for lead generation, look for an omnichannel tool. With it, you can manage conversations on different platforms from a single place. Decide if you want to rely on bots, leave it all up to humans, or pick a live agent takeover feature.

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Customer engagement

Groove’s research proved the correlation between the time a customer spends on a company’s website and their willingness to buy from this company. With live chat trigger messages, you can increase engagement and encourage customers to take action.

To be able to start timely and highly personalized conversations, make sure your live chat tool has an auto start option with a variety of customizable criteria for chat triggers. Also, collecting feedback with surveys will help you understand your visitors’ needs better.

auto messages


Is your live chat software easy to set up?

The process of adding chat to a website doesn’t vary much for different providers and website platforms. Generally, recommendations fall under three categories thus making live chat integration quite simple for everyone. Still, double-check your provider’s instructions to be sure.

Most often, you can embed chat in a website with one of the following options:

  • Using the Installation Wizard
  • From your live chat provider’s account
  • With a WordPress (or any other CMS) plugin

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Can you match your live chat with your website design?

A website chat window should be easy to notice. At the same time, it should harmonize with your website’s overall look and be located in a convenient spot for a user. Don’t forget that many people use mobile devices for browsing, so your live chat window should adjust to a variety of layouts and window sizes.

Here is a small check-list of what a live chat tool should do in terms of design to look engaging on your website:

Stay within your branded colors

A live chat window is a useful component of your company’s website — not a separate element. A live chat tool should let you customize your chat widget with colors that are already in your website color scheme to create a neat look.

Clarify who the user is talking to

Using profile pictures adds up to the level of personalization. Make sure it is clear if a user is talking to a human or a robot.

Show chat history

Customers turn to support for a number of reasons, and some might need to see the previous chat history. Allowing both your visitors and support agents to review what they talked about before may be helpful and even decrease the number of support tickets.

Have an offline form

If there are times no one is available, having an offline form in place will prevent your users from getting disappointed. Otherwise, you might want to take the chat button down until there is a free customer support agent.

Final words

The benefits of embedding live chat software in your website are undeniable. And now you know what to focus on to achieve your key business goals with it. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the best decision to improve your employees’ efficiency and enhance your customers’ experience.