Headstone Inscription Tips To Get It Just Right

Headstone Inscription Tips To Get It Just Right

A headstone is sometimes your last chance to show your love to the lost soul. The article provides tips to get the headstone inscription right and correct.

Headstones are big, expensive, and permanent tributes to your lost loved ones, so you just want to get it just right. The most mistake-prone aspect of headstones is the inscriptions engraved or etched on them. Headstone inscriptions can be a lengthy description, a short phrase, sentence, or some symbols, irrespective of the length and style of the inscription, you want to get it done well.

To get you all covered from that end, the article below provides some tips to help you get the headstone just right and perfect. These tips work well for funeral gifts, cremation urns, headstones, metal plates, and more.

Choose Someone To Oversee The Task

This will be a person in your family or a friend that can research, find the best price, find the best craftsman, figure out what it should say.

The responsible person should take input from other family members, but the group discussions, in the case of choosing headstone or cremation urns’ inscription, are rarely successful. Therefore, it is better to have a trustable person in charge of the task.

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Take Your Time

A headstone is a big purchase. You should never be rushed into something you don’t want and end up forgetting something very important or making a mistake in birth or death date. Nothing is more embarrassing than a wrong detail or a spelling mistake.

Rushing in getting your headstone inscription done can be chaotic and give unsatisfactory results. Therefore, take your time and do thorough research. Choose the best phrase, paragraph, or sentence that fits the feel you want the headstone to have. Double-check everything from the birth and death dates to the font, size, style, and design.

It is not surprising how easily the dates on the headstone get wrong, especially considering all the stress coming from death, burial, and funeral. So, take your time.

Keep It Simple

Minimalism is always classy and in style. You can rarely go wrong by keeping it short and simple. Headstones can involve many whistles, bells, add-on, and customization options. With so many options available, selecting and making it just right becomes an overwhelming decision. However, in the final tally, you will find that the opposite is true and simple is the best. Going for several options at once makes it easy to mess up your headstone.

Hence, it is better to choose the underrated class of headstones including, a name, date, and a short impressive phrase or inscription. Keep the ornamentation simple, a simple engraved cross or flowers look much better than detailed photos of kids, pets, and whatnot.

Avoid Trends

Avoid choosing lettering and fonts that are timeless on headstones. Serif fonts always look good on the headstone inscriptions. You can choose all caps, or all lowercase letters, or a mixture of both upper and lowercase letters for your phrase.

But avoid using the script, styles, and semi-san-serif fonts. They may look good, cool, and maybe return back in style in 30 years from now, when the trend loops around again. However, in 10, 15, or 20 years you will regret falling prey to the trend or farmhouse fonts or whatever it is trending this year.

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Remember Your Loved One Is Already Unique

The funeral industry has made ‘personalization’ its new buzzword. People are personalizing funerals more than ever before, this trend is leading to some crazy activities like Viking, sendoffs, dance parties, fireworks, and more.

There is nothing wrong with it, surely you want the funeral to reflect reality because each person truly is unique.

But sometimes making everything unique becomes overcompensation. So, in any event, it is perfectly fine to make the personalization of their name and date fine.

Remember that your lost loved one is already unique. There can’t be a single phrase, quote, or sentence that can capture them completely and it is completely fine.

Choose A Good First Line

Almost everyone goes for, In The Memory of this is the standard phrase and it is perfectly fine. However, even if you are keeping it short, simple, and avoiding trends, you can still allow yourself some constrained creativity.

Consider long-lasting yet alternate to standard opening lines. Some options to go for as an opening line include;

In fondest memory of

Happy memories of

In memoriam

Here lies

In cherished memory of

In honored memory of

In remembrance

At rest

At home

A life well lived

Gone too soon

In treasured memory of

Avoid Clutter

Keeping the harmony with the keep it simple tip, it is a good idea to avoid clutter and overdoing the headstone details whenever possible. You might be thinking about how we can avoid clutter even when going for the simplest headstone containing a name, date, and a simple phrase. You can still simply do it by replacing the complete long dates with only a year.