Women Wealth Services Professionals In Waterloo

Women Wealth Services Professionals In Waterloo

Women Wealth Services Professionals In Waterloo

Browse this directory to find strong women in local business who are Women Wealth Services Professionals In Waterloo

Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Canada

Wealth is yours to define. It’s our job to help you discover what true wealth really means to you, and give you the opportunity to enjoy it more. We'll help you to define wealth (on your terms) and to transform your prosperity into a life-enhancing asset.

Wendy Strub Wealth Management

Wendy Strub - Investment Advisor, Senior Vice President, Director

80 King Street South Suite 101, Waterloo, Ontario

Phone: 519-885-8040

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Jacquelynne McFarlane, CFP, CLU, CH F.C.

Jacqui McFarlane is Certified Financial Advisor for nearly 30 years of knowledge and experience. And when it comes to buying insurance there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. It takes thought and effort to make sure you get the right fit so give Jacqui a call and get exactly what you need to protect yourself, your family and your future.

Jacquelynne McFarlane has been in this business since 1987. Throughout this time, she has produced good results for her clients, some of whom were nearing retirement and counted on every penny, some who were seasoned investors and others who were new to investing.

Phone:  519-746-4205


Overwhelm to Empowerment

Empowerment Coaching for More Clarity, Money and Success!

Laura Whitelaw is an Empowerment Coach. She shows professional women & self-employed business owners struggling with feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and financially limited, how to have more clarity, create more income, and confidently achieve their goals.

Phone:  519-496-5887

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Sue Reibel, CPA, CA

EVP & General Manager, Institutional Markets at Manulife

Waterloo, ON

Sue Reibel, SVP Consumer Solutions, Canadian Division, has been with Manulife for over 20 years. Sue’s strength is leading highly motivated teams to accomplish great things and translating her vision into action and results. With a deep understanding of the link between health and wealth, Sue strives to improve the financial literacy of all Canadians.


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