Let It Heal Tip # 7 on Incontinence

Let It Heal Tip # 7 on Incontinence

Loss of bladder control is a common and embarrassing problem ranging from occasionally leaking when you cough or sneeze, to keeping you up at night.

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Amber Korobkina, BSc, CBHT, Bowen Instructor, Let It Heal


I have to get up several times per night to go to the bathroom... and sometimes I barely make it! What can I do to get a full night’s sleep without these interruptions?


Frequent urination has many possible causes, whether it be weak kidneys, tilted bladder, infection or prostate problems. It is often known as Urinary Incontinence

Some basic types are -

Stress incontinence causing you to leak urine when you sneeze, cough, laugh, lift heavy objects, exercise, or do other things that put pressure on your bladder.

Urge incontinence, also known as overactive bladder (OAB), is when you leak urine after feeling a sudden, strong urge to go. You may have OAB if you go eight or more times a day and more than once at night.

Mixed incontinence is when you have stress and urge incontinence at the same time. This is more common in women.

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Bladder control

We can help.

The first place to start is your doctor -- be sure to mention your problem next time you speak to your doctor and ask for some follow-up testing.

In many cases, the cause can’t be determined and you are left with no choice but to live with it. Fortunately, the Bowen practitioners at Let it Heal have a great deal of experience dealing with urinary issues ranging from childhood bedwetting to adult incontinence.

In fact, our clients have often commented that since receiving treatments for unrelated issues, they have stopped experiencing urinary urgency or infections altogether.

The gentle procedure we use simply stimulates proper kidney function and helps the body to realign, allowing organs to assume proper positioning. Even clients with

medically diagnosed kidney problems have shown marked improvement in kidney function.

Amber Korobkina, BSc, CBHT, Bowen Instructor

Let it Heal Burlington, Bladder control, Incontinence