Let it Heal Tip # 6 on Foot Pain

Let it Heal Tip # 6 on Foot Pain

If the bottom of your foot hurts when you walk, you may have a condition called plantar fasciitis.

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Amber Korobkina, BSc, CBHT, Bowen Instructor, Let It Heal


I have so much foot pain, that can no longer walk the dog or take part in sports.

Is it plantar fasciitis?

Is there any hope of getting active again?

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Planters Fasciitis


Whether its plantar fasciitis, split heal, hammer toes or just plain sore feet, there is certainly hope that you will get active again.

My first piece of advice is to act now!

Walking around with sore feet will have a major impact on the rest of your

body, and potentially affect your posture long-term. Taking steps to resolve your foot pain today will prevent many issues in the future.

My primary recommendation is the Bowen technique at Let it Heal.

It addresses many foot complaints such as:

• ankle problems

• hammer toes

• plantar fasciitis

• heel spurs

• cold feet and gout

You can also enjoy soaking your feel in warm water and Epsom salts, and try rolling a tennis ball with the bottom of your foot throughout the day.

I also recommend a product called Barefoot Science. Unlike orthotics, which may allow your foot muscles to atrophy, the barefoot science insoles stimulate muscle activity in the feet. We sell these insoles in our clinic at Let It Heal to support the work we have done with Bowen.

Amber Korobkina, BSc, CBHT, Bowen Instructor

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