Let It Heal Tip # 3 on Migraines

Let It Heal Tip # 3 on Migraines

Migraines keeping you down? Here are some tips to help you avoid your triggers and prevent head pain.

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Amber Korobkina, BSc, CBHT, Bowen Instructor, Let It Heal

1. Sleep! A regular sleep schedule gives the body the down-time it requires to avoid being exhausted.

2. Exercise – When you walk at least 30 minutes a day you will not only assist your lymphatic system, you increase your cardiovascular capacity and that will regulate the blood flow which is often linked to migraines.

3. Detoxify – Remove the toxins from your lymphatic system and improve organ function. An Ion Detox Foot Bath is a great way to do so. Many clients have the foot bath have walked in with a migraine and in a 30 minutes session, walked out with a clear head.

4. De-caffeinate - Coffee and other caffeinated beverages can be a major trigger for migraine attacks. If you are serious about losing the headaches – lose the caffeine completely. Do it gradually so you do not experience withdrawals.

5. Just Say No! Smoking has many negative impacts on your health, but with regards to migraines it is the nicotine that can be the trigger. CVR (Creative Visualization and Relaxation) is a type of hypnotherapy that can help you quit smoking that we offer at Let It Heal.

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6. Control your hormones – Birth control pills may be a major contributor to your migraines. They are known to upset your delicate hormonal balance. Other forms of birth control would be a better option for migraine sufferers.

7. Be Scentsible – Many people are irritated by the scent of perfumes, colognes, and other strong scents, which can also bring on a migraine. Purchase unscented health and beauty products and encourage people around you to do the same.

8. Diet – Chocolate, alcohol, and dairy should be reduced or avoided completely. Keep a dairy diary of what you eat and record how it makes you feel each day. It may help to eliminate them from your diet when you see yourself feeling better.

9. Regularity – Regular bowel movements, regular sleeping patterns, regular eating habits, and a regular exercise regime are all things that allow your body to function optimally. Establishing a regular routine can enable you to become migraine – FREE.

10. Let It Heal – The advanced Bowen Practitioners at Let it Heal have mastered the techniques to decrease, or completely eliminate migraines. Many chronic migraine sufferers have even reported success after only one treatment, although it usually takes between 3 – 6 treatments.

Amber Korobkina, BSc, CBHT, Bowen Instructor

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