Let It Heal Tip # 1 on Back Pain

Let It Heal Tip # 1 on Back Pain

Back pain, usually in the lower back, is a common problem. There are many things we can do to find relief and feel better.

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Amber Korobkina, BSc, CBHT, Bowen Instructor, Let it Heal

There are several things we can do to recover and reduce back pain and the chance of pain returning.

1. Drink plenty of water every day to keep soft tissue hydrated.

2. Walk regularly. We are designed to move and the motion of walking benefits your lymphatic system and enhances your mood.

3. Try swimming, an Aquafit class or just walking in the water. You are weightless in the water so there is no impact on the joints during water exercises.

4. When sitting distribute your weight evenly on both buttocks rather than leaning over to one side.

5. Ladies – avoid carrying a heavy purse on one side consistently.

6. Gentlemen – take the wallet out of your back pocket!

7. Be careful when lifting and be sure to bend at the knees and not the waist.

8. If you can, prepare yourself for a sneeze. If you tilt your chin when you feel a sneeze coming it will decrease the amount of pressure on the discs in your spine.

9. Keep bowels moving to avoid congestion in the pelvic region. The pelvic is the base of your spine and the foundation for your entire back.

10. Specific exercises and stretches can relieve back pain. We have a few  exercises and videos on our Website.

11. Speak to your doctor, he may be able to prescribe an anti-inflammatory which may help significantly in some case, but keep in mind that any medication taken over long periods of time may have a negative effect.

12. For serious back pain, Bowen Therapy offered at Let it Heal; has a very high success rate for resolving back pain. I can personally recommend Bowen Therapy from my own personal experience as well thousands of successful cases I have treated in my clinics.

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Amber Korobkina, BSc, CBHT, Bowen Instructor

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