Finally.... Relief from Infant Colic!

Finally.... Relief from Infant Colic!

All parents trust that our children will be born healthy; however, even when they come into the world without diseases, they can suddenly suffer complications.

All parents trust that our children will be born healthy; however, even when they come into the world without diseases, they can suddenly suffer complications related to newborns. The situation may be problematic because they are so delicate that sometimes therapies to restore their health can sensitize parents a lot. However, many complications interfere with the tranquility of newborns, without becoming severe diseases or unless they require treatment. It is always important to attend to any unusual condition you notice.

Anyone who has a baby knows what problems can arise with babies' cramps and colds; when kids are not sleeping, not pooping, not breathing correctly, or not eating properly. When your baby suffers from colic the entire family is affected. When a baby is crying constantly it can be brutal for everyone. A new baby is enough of a strain on a family... but when it cries all the time it gets nasty. Baby Bowen can give the entire family relief and a good night sleep.

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Baby Bowen therapy has solutions.

The causes of pain in the abdomen of babies are difficult to determine, so it is essential to take care of the stomach with an adequate diet that prevents imbalances. The feeding of children is especially important to prevent diseases of the stomach and contribute to its health. Bowen therapy is a manual therapy that activates the mechanisms of self-repair of the body. It consists of a sequence of gentle smooth movements on the tissue connective muscles and tendons. The nervous system autonomously is stimulated by these gentle manipulations, sending "messages" to the brain to encourage a process of self-healing. Bowen therapy also stimulates lymphatic flow when it is necessary. When the fascia return to a state more hydrated (with the gentle movements of the Bowen technique), the body works better, and there is more mobility and flexibility of muscles and joints.

Working with babies has helped Bowen develop a whole new range of techniques which help with various problems. Focusing on the tension and nervousness of the body, we obtain controls on over 80% of the body functions. If we achieve this as babies, we can resolve any muscular or skeletal issues that need to be corrected.

All you need is gentle approach and patience because these little creatures are very sensitive and require 100% of our attention.

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Baby Bowen Can Help

Baby Bowen can help with


• Overloaded nervous system

• Misalignment

• Reflux

As our child grows, Bowen can help with

• Allergies

• Bedwetting

Bowen Therapy offers the opportunity to work together with parents and child to address the issues their children might have, as well as providing problem resolution.

As parents we want our babies remain healthy. The Bowen Therapy program offers excellent knowledge. The therapists can discuss allergens in the air, using natural home products, and show parents emergency techniques they can do with their child.

What a great benefit that the treatment can cover various problems, and seizing the opportunity to be a part of something like this can be invaluable for your child’s health and your inner peace.

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