Traditional medicine not healing the pain? There is a solution.

Traditional medicine not healing the pain? There is a solution.

Have you wondered why after exams, consultations, and treatments you still feel sick, without vitality and you feel no improved quality of life?

Sometimes we disregard the signs our body sends us, but we definitely shouldn’t. There is a solution which can generate a general revitalization thus making you feel good.

Ondamed is a powerful energetic treatment which resides in the personalization of a diagnosis that allows us to see in which parts, tissues, organs, and systems; there is an energetic instability. With a personalized treatment, based on the clients needs, it allows the return of the appropriate energy for the regeneration of the organism.

What is Ondamed?

It is a device that emits an electromagnetic pulse, and a magnetic resonance system detects enharmonic frequencies. Through its unique biofeedback technology, the practitioner creates an appropriate therapy for the area to be treated.

Similar to MRI, regarding electromagnetic frequencies, the device emits a series of electromagnetic frequencies causing the body to respond. Temporary stimulation generated by these frequencies, combined with the patient's cognitive and non-cognitive participation, favours relaxation, muscle re-education, and rehabilitation, allowing the body to return to its previous state of well-being.

Here is what one client says about the treatment and care from Amber and Tiffany at Let It Heal..

"There is not enough I could possibly say to express all that Bowen and ONDAMED treatments have done for me, and my family. As a chronically ill and antibiotic-dependent injured mom of twins, if it were not for these two treatments, I would not be as healthy as I am today and living my life. I take no medications now because I don’t have to. I won’t take any in the future until I have first tried ONDAMED or Bowen. Amber and Tiffany are the best at what they do, and they do healing the best I have found in over 14 years of healing. Thank you both so very much for making my world as pain free as possible, and me as healthy as I can be. Gentle, least invasive treatments I have found, with the best results. As for those twins of mine, they now book their own appointments for treatments they know will work, with no pills and no side effects. - Cheryl, St. Catharines"


Ondamed incorporates diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, and has proven its effectiveness and safety for the diagnosis and treatment of so many conditions. It is a handy tool that, together with other evaluations and conventional treatments, contributes in a meaningful way to improve the quality of life of clients.


It improves the release of toxins helping to enhance detoxification, promotes the absorption of nutrients by the cell, stimulates cell repair and regeneration, activates lymphatic drainage, thus improving immune function, reducing stress.

Conditions that can be treated

Ondament can be used for general wellness, however; at Let it Heal we focus more on disease that medicine is not able to help.

-Illness and infections where antibiotics do not respond such as Lyme disease


-Urinary tract imbalances


-Skin disorders



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Ondamed Technology

Ondamed has proven its effectiveness and safety for the diagnosis and treatment of so many conditions. It is a handy tool that, together with other evaluations and treatments such a Bowen Therapy,  improves the quality of life of clients.

It can speed up healing by 40%


"I was referred by friend to Let It Heal about 6 years ago. I previously had been going to a Chiropractor for 10 years after I had been hit by a truck and I was a pedestrian! My Chiropractic adjustment would be out within a day and then I had Bowen Treatment and discovered that once my muscles were relaxed that the Chiropractic adjustments did not deal with my problem. Another advantage of Bowen Treatment is that I had a few appointments a week apart and then over the next year or so the appointments were further apart. Now for approximately the past 4 years I just need Bowen Treatment about twice a year. (I also recommended a friend to go and she has Sciatica and she went about 5 times and she was about 90% better. She just needs Bowen Treatment periodically too.) Thank you Amber and Tiffany!" Judy Dore, Burlington

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