The Ion Spa Foot Bath for Detoxification 101

The Ion Spa Foot Bath for Detoxification 101

The How, The Why, and the Where.

The Ion Spa Foot Bath is a great way to cleanse your body of the many toxins that accumulate over time from the environment, either through the food we eat, the air we breathe, the things we touch, or the water we drink.

We are constantly being exposed to all sorts of chemicals and heavy metal residues that our livers can't eliminate. These then remain in our bodies, affecting our organs and general wellbeing in many negative ways.

The Ion Spa Detoxification Process

The Ion Spa is a device that looks like a footbath but which makes use of electrolytic flows to generate a bio-energetic field in the water which, in turn, will create an energetic resonance that travels through the body.

In other words, the water in the foot spa and the water that makes up much of your body's chemical composition will resonate at the same frequency. This will improve microcirculation and regulate the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the appropriate tissues while excreting other waste products and toxins out of your body.

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The Ion Spa Detoxification Process

The Ion Spa Foot Bath will not make your body detoxify, per se. It will, however, stimulate to do it on its own. The spa's internal system generates a low electric current that ionizes the water and stimulates the release of toxins through the soles of your feet. This procedure lasts for 30 minutes, after which time the water gets a brown/orange color. These are the eliminated toxins that came into contact with the ionized water.

The recommended frequency to use an Ion Spa depends mostly on your age. As a general rule of thumb a series of 4-8 weekly treatments are recommended.

Beyond just helping the body remove toxins, the Ion Spa Foot Bath also helps clear up bad skin, inactivates certain viruses and bacteria, it helps with weight loss, headaches, pain relief, alkalizes acidic conditions such as gout and arthritis, and will rejuvenate and energize your entire body, among other benefits

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