Single Mom's Unbearable Pain Leads to Alternative Therapy for Relief

Single Mom's Unbearable Pain Leads to Alternative Therapy for Relief

When standard medicine isn’t working, it’s time to look at the alternative way.

A Personal Story

Amber Korobkina was at her wits’ end when getting out of bed became an unbearable task...putting on socks was out of the question... and a cough or a sneeze required ample notice and preparation. A work injury resulting in spinal damage proved to be the turning point in this Burlington woman’s life.

A single mother in her late 20’s, Amber had no choice but to endure the pain and continue working to pay for her long list of alternative therapies. Amber said at the time, “Ibuprofen was a staple in my household -- if my friends wanted to cheer me up when I was bedridden, they didn’t bring flowers; they brought painkillers!”

The painkillers and therapies were no match for the pain, and Amber considered surgery. Intimidated by the thought of spinal surgery (with no guaranteed results), Amber thought there were no other options.

After observing Amber's frustration, a co-worker decided to share his story. He had a similar problem and managed to resolve it with just a few alternative therapy treatments called “The Bowen Technique”.

With surgery months away, Amber halfheartedly decided to give it a try, and booked an appointment for Bowen Therapy.

“I limped into the clinic with no idea what to expect. I was used to being poked and prodded, but this was different, the doctor who treated me touched me very gently, and I remember thinking that he wasn’t even close to where it hurt. He left the room several times, and eventually I fell asleep. When I left the clinic, my pain was almost gone.”

Look At Amber today:

Let It Heal, Bowen Therapy, Amber Korobkina

Amber Korobkina, Let It Heal

The Technique

The technique involves gentle, precisely placed, soft tissue manipulation at specific locations along the spine, legs, arms and neck. There’s a subtle vibrational effect through the muscle that affects the nervous system. It’s like plucking a guitar string or letting go of a string on a bow and arrow. It can be described as ‘playing’ the nervous system. Bowen reminds the body how to heal itself in a surprisingly small number of treatments. Results are long-term and most clients do not need to return unless they re-injure themselves.

Sixteen Years Later

Sixteen years later, completely pain free, Amber is one of the leading Bowen practitioners in Ontario and owns Let It Heal, a natural health clinic in Burlington, Ontario.

“It changed my life so much! I just felt the need to master the technique and heal others like I was healed.”

Bowen Therapy on the 6:00 news:

Let It Heal

Client review:

I want you to know that my hips and lower back are 100% … almost better than that! Movement is easy. I feel like I’m 39 again!! Thank you for your professional expertise. Your treatments work miracles. I deeply appreciate being able to move freely without calculating the next step.” Bruce C.

Let It Heal, Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy

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