Red Tent Celebrating Women

Red Tent Celebrating Women

Red Tent is a space women gather to tell their stories, laugh, cry and celebrate themselves again.

A Sacred Journey Rent Tent

We are collective of professionally trained women who only participate within evidence-based standards of practice. It is our strongest wish to assist women as they make their way through their life's journey. We validate our clients by listening as they tell their story.

Red Tent - what is it?

This seems to be my recurring question when someone new hears about or is invited to a Red Tent.

"A Red Tent is a space, where women gather to tell their stories, to laugh, to cry and to celebrate themselves again"

As little girls grow into women they have a habit of losing themselves to become what others expect from them: wife, mom, sister, grandmother, friend, teacher, student.  These different hats we wear can all have different expectations.

Red Tent Celebrating Women

Personally, I learned of the Red Tent a few years ago from an incredible women Tiffany Lazic owner of the Hive and Grove.

The Hive and Grove

Tiffany taught a wonderful course on becoming a Red Tent Facilitator that I took. Tiffany created a spark, a fire within me, on how we can support other women in our families, circles, community and globally. Additionally, she lead me to the documentary “Things We Don’t Talk About by Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost." If you have never seen this documentary, I highly recommend it.

The Red Tent Movie Website

Things we Don't Talk About

Under the fabric of the Red Tent women come as themselves

At A Sacred Journey’s Red Tent, we usually share time and stories. We have explored with henna, self-care activities, created stepping-stones, dream catchers and more. Really, these activities are about utilizing the tactile hands on activity while collectively we break down the barriers we have built up for self-protection. Together we have created a space where women from all socio-economics, academic, and religion can meet and find a way to, not only accept each other; value their sisters and their views.

The Red Tent with Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost

How Women Feel at a Red Tent

We asked some of the ladies of A Sacred Journey’s Red Tent what they think about the Red Tent. First I will share with you what I love about the Red Tent personally… I LOVE the community, my dear sisters, and unconditional support. Below are the answers to a simple question I asked. I said, I am writing an article, and would like to share what do you like about the Red Tent.

However, I have to say before you read their answers is ALL of these came in within 15 minutes of me asking the question. That in and of itself says something!

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A Sacred Journey


“What I like about the Red Tent, I love the comradery of the women and the sharing of feelings, stories, and how we all come from different walks of life but yet we are still all the same on the inside. I never heard of The Red Tent until I came to Kitchener and if you have the chance to go to a Red Tent event in your area please go. You will be so glad you did. I know I am.”

Comradery  is the spirit of friendship and community in a group, like the Comradery of soldiers at war who keep each other upbeat despite the difficulty of their circumstances.)


“Always enjoy the positive environment I find at the red tent events. It's an amazing space to find understanding and positive encouragement in a non-judgemental circle of amazing women who come from all walks of life.”


"I like the feeling of sisterhood. Of feeling welcomed and accepted unconditionally. A sense of finding oneself through shared experiences and memories. It is a place where a woman can share what makes her special, her skills, her life, her loves, where she can learn and grow with the help of others. It is a celebration in the life we live and our place here on Earth and in the universe."


"In the Red Tent, a woman doesn't have to be a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a wife; she can just be herself, for the sake of being herself. We take so little "me time" in today's rushed world, that this gives us a couple hours a month to take care of our own needs."
Red Tent Celebrating Women

If you would like to know upcoming dates for our Red Tent Celebration send us a note below...

In completing this article on a Red Tent, please know, my sisters are my support team; they cheer me on like no one has ever done in this world. I could never have made it through the past few years of my own personal struggle without each and every one of the women, sisters of A Sacred Journey’s Red Tent. I love you to the moon and back….

I would also like to thank Klusster and the team at Thrive Collaborative for giving us the opportunity to share our passion for the Red Tent and indeed we are grateful to be a part of something that helps other women THRIVE.


A Sacred Journey

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