Finding a Doula Training Facility

Finding a Doula Training Facility

Does it matter where you take a doula training facility?

Did you know the career of being a doula is not a regulated profession. In fact, people have called themselves doulas for many years without every taking any training. "The doula occupation is unlicensed and unregulated. One way to ensure your doula has met high standards for education, training and experience is to choose a certified doula from a well-known and respected doula certifying organization." Doula Match.

Do you know some teach others how to be doulas without the being a certified doula themselves. Are you as confused as I am, how does that even work? Let us break it down just a little, shell we.

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According to Doula Match there are some things that make a good or better training facility. " believes a quality certification program includes these minimum elements:

  • A comprehensive doula training program
  • Clearly defined requirements for a doula’s educationDemonstrated doula work experience
  • Demonstrated doula work experience
  • Good evaluations from clients and health care providers
  • Periodic re-certification
  • Documented continuing education
  • A publically available code of ethics
  • A publically available standards of practice
  • A grievance procedure

Organizations currently training and certifying doulas:"

You will find A Sacred Journey is listed on this website.

At A Sacred Journey we feel there is a few more things needed.

  1. An understanding of Adult Leaner Needs
  2. A Value of Community Peers and Community Practitions
  3. An awareness of Dual Relationships
  4. A Love of Supporting their Community
  5. Hands on Learning
  6. In Class and Independant Learning
  7. Learning from Different Spaces

You will find different training spaces bigger training spaces, and smaller places like A Sacred Journey.

Lesley Cressman

Lesley is one of the teachers at A Sacred Journey is a CLD and has taken a lot of formal and private training few different doula training spaces, RIRO 1and 2, Reiki Master, and Early Childhood Education.

What I have found matters most is finding a educational place that:

  • Has a wide variety of learning to be an unbiased teacher
  • Supports you after you have taken your training
  • Has professional relationships with community agencies

Lets talk about your goals for becoming a doula? Lets talk about supporting women?

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A Sacred Journey

Lesley Cressman, RECE, CLD, SBD, Reiki Master

Founder of A Sacred Journey