How Much Should I Spend On My Car?

How Much Should I Spend On My Car?

In the GTA, the need for a car is just a part of life, but how much might you consider spending on a car? We specialize in Pre-Purchase consultation.

Consider The Costs Of A Car

Take the time before you buy a car to really think through what you want, need and can afford.  Are you driving 100 kms per day or closer to 50?  Before we consider your budget, there are some regular costs to a car, you will want to factor in?

Our Pre-Purchase consultation might narrow down these costs.


Depending on your driving and how much you drive, your insurance costs will be affected.  The more you drive, the more your insurance will cost.  In addition, if you have had a number of driving infractions, this will affect the cost of your insurance.

The type of car.  If you are looking to get a more powerful or expensive car, your costs also could be affected.

Before you start looking for a new or used car, take some time talking to your insurance professional determining the potential cost of insurance.

The Cost of Fuel & Repairs

Depending on your car and how far you drive, you might want to know the approximate monthly investment in repairs and fuel you will need to budget for.

The advantage of new cars is often they come with a warranty that takes a significant load off the cost of repairs.

But consider the fact that you will have regular maintenance regardless. Oil changes and "spontaneous" repairs always seem to crop up.

When talking to your sales representative, try your best to predict these costs or lack of costs.  Leasing is an alternative that many people like as the fell confident in  an all in cost.

Fuel cost vary from car to car.


Are you leasing, getting a loan or buying the car outright?  All of these options carry different implications.

Call us to discuss the options available to you.  At Acura on Brant, we take pride in matching our clients to the car that suits them not only from a look standpoint, but from a financial standpoint.

The Magic Number

Depending on your job and personal needs, all of the above costs, it is recommended a monthly budget of 12-19% of your after-tax earnings allocated to your car.

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We have seen thousands of car purchases.  Come on in and see what make sense for you in terms of purchasing a new or used car.

WIth a dealer network and thousands of cars available, it is our job to put you in the car that suits you in every way.