Winter Car Preparation Tips

Winter Car Preparation Tips

Our technicians got together and provided some ideas on ways to make sure you get through the winter a little easier.

We ask the technicians one question...

What is one thing you would recommend to make sure winter driving is as pleasant and safe as possible?

Here are their responses...

Take care of your tires regularly: Your tires are affected by the cold weather.  The tire pressure from changes in temperature can go up and down and ultimately leave your tires without the proper pressure.

This can make for more tricky driving.

Unfortunately, even though it's cold outside, it means a few more trips to the air pumps through the winter.  It can have a real positive affect on driving, control on the road and gas mileage, so it's likely worth it.

Proper air in the tires are very high on the safety winter driving list.

Winter Tires: Winter tires are heavier duty than all season tires.  And just like our skin is susceptible to cracking, so are our all season tires.  Winter tires not only give you greater grip on the road, but they will help your non winter tires last longer too. So, it's likely a good investment.

Need help changing a tire?

Make sure you have a winter kit: You can make your own or you can buy a winter kit.  Make sure you have a shovel.  One of the Acura On Brant Service Technicians also suggested it's also not a bad idea to have a kitty litter in the back of the car.  In icy conditions when you get stuck, rumour has it that Kitty Litter can help your tires have a greater grip. Here is a list of 15 items to include in a winter driving survival kit.

Get Your Battery Tested: If you haven't tested your battery already, it's not that tough to come in and get a reading on your battery.

The cold weather can make it that much harder to start your car, and if the battery is up there in age, you might not get home when you are ready to get home.

Of course, you might not get to work because the battery doesn't start either.  That's your call though :)

If you are getting an undercoating.... Sometimes you might want to consider getting the body of your car protected prior to exposure to all of the salt and the elements.  You may want to consider cleaning thoroughly the parts that are going to get coated. Similar to painting over sand, if your surface isn't clean, the undercoating likely won't stick.

Drive safe this winter.  Road conditions can change on a dime and black ice can appear out of nowhere.

Stay Safe,

The Acura On Brant Service Team

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